Saturdays, June 4 & 11, 2022  2-7pm

6B Garden, Ave B & 6th St, NYC

Written by Peter Michael Marino & The Kids
Directed By Michole Biancosino & The Kids
This fresh twist on the traditional kids’ show blasts off into unknown comedy zones when Pete enlists the Audience to help write, design, and Direct it. What could possibly go wrong?

June 11: Performance in Spangish by Denisse Estefany Mendoza

Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre
Czech and Slovak Tales with antique marionettes, performed by Master Puppeteer, Vit Horejs

2pm & 5pm
Written and directed by RIKI COLON
Performed by Saarah Medrano (as Tata)  and Joseph Johnson Afthonidis (as Ricardo.)
This is the story of Tata, a shy mother of six, living in Spanish Harlem. She had a secret festering in her soul that she was ready to share with Ricardo, her grandson who had an energetic seeking spirit.

3pm & 6pm
Written and directed by JUSTIN ELIZABETH SAYRE
Performed by Peter Donnelly and Judy Darling
A comedic dialogue about growing up, growing wise, and perhaps growing kind.

Written and Directed by CHARLY WENZEL
Performers: Kevin Hobaichan, Fernando Rockenbach, Nancy Yao, Nya Yeanafehn
An elderly Chinese woman on the Lower East Side of New York City is immersed in an imaginary birthday party for her late husband. She is yanked back into reality by the frantic knock on her apartment door.
POST TENEBRAS SPERO LUCEM (After the darkness I hope for the light) Written and directed by ROMAN PRIMITIVO ALBEAR
Performers: Computer – MacBookPro
Mistress – Charly Wenzel
Servant – Andrew Chapman

A mixed media play featuring a dystopian New York with AI as the oligarchy state controlling everything and a tribe of survivors trying to get off the planet.

Sundays, June 5 & 12,  2-7pm
Green Oasis Garden, 370 E.8th St, btw Ave C & D, NYC

2pm & 5pm
Written by Peter Michael Marino & The Kids
Directed By Michole Biancosino & The Kids
This fresh twist on the traditional kids’ show blasts off into unknown comedy zones when Pete enlists the Audience to help write, design, and Direct it. What could possibly go wrong?

June 5: Performance in English by Peter Michael Marino.

June 12: Performance in Spangish by Denisse Estefany Mendoza

3pm & 6pm
Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre
Czech and Slovak Tales with antique marionettes, performed by Master Puppeteer, Vit Horejs

4pm & 7pm
by Charles Krezell, Directed by Susan McKeown
Performed by Stephen Carlsen, Ryan Opalaniete Pierce and Shabbi Sharifi
Inktomi is the trickster spirit of the Lakota people with the ability to change shape or gender at will. He is a mischief maker who delights in leading others astray and he’s coming. for you.


We are having a Fundraiser for the LUNGS Summer Theater Festival 2022 April 18, 2022.
This is A FREE Arts Event. In 1956, Joe Papp began the outdoor theater tradition on the Lower East Side when he introduced “Shakespeare in the Park” in East River Park Amphitheater. From the 1950’s to the present, the Park was the site of frequent free Evening-in-the-Park concerts and plays.
One of the last performances was in 2021, Jody Oberfelder Projects immersive dance and music event called “Amphitheater”.
In June 2022, LUNGS (Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens) will continue to honor the tradition with the FREE LUNGS Summer Theater Festival, at East Village community gardens.
The theme of the 2022 Festival will be Mother Earth/Nature. Everyone is welcome! We are hoping audiences to enjoy a great experience Free Theater in our community gardens!
The LUNGS SUMMER Theater Festival will present 6 thirty-minute plays performed in two community gardens.
Three plays will be performed on Saturdays, June 4 & 11 at 6B Garden, corner of Ave B & 6th St. And three other plays will be presented on Sundays, June 5 & 12 at Green Oasis Garden, 370 E.8th St.
Each set of three plays will be performed twice on Saturday, June 4 and another set of three plays will be performed twice on Sunday, June 5. Each program will be repeated the following weekend, Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12.
Festival Schedule:
SATURDAY Programs: in 6B Garden, Ave B & 6th St begins at 2pm with a play presented every hour on the hour, with the final performance at 7pm Saturday June 4 2-4pm and again Saturday, June 11.
SUNDAY Programs: in Green Oasis Garden, E.8th St, btw Ave C & D begins at 2pm with a play presented every hour on the hour, with the final performance at 7pm and again Sunday June 12.
This inaugural LUNGS SUMMER Theater Festival is curated by Penny Arcade, Erez Ziv, Riki Colon, Roman Primitivo Albear, Bonnie Sue Stein and Charles Krezell.
Please join us and support free theater in the community gardens.  Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens Inc is a registered non-profit 501 (c) (3) so your contribution is tax deductible and will have an impact. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.

Thursday 9/30/2021 LUNGS X Fest schedule

4:30 pm Kids & Family  Socially distant Tango Tangles class. Dance tango connected via a rope, host DD Maucher. 

De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center, 8th St (Aves B &






 6pm Standup Comedy: Joan Reinmuth and Nature Boi Comedy

Green Oasis, 8th St (Aves C & D)

6:30p Music. Family PLAN: Immaculately conceived in 2018 in Brooklyn, Family Plan is an aesthetically diverse three-person extraction. The contemporary jazz trio consists of the Canadian pianist Andrew Boudreau and two Chileans, Vicente Hansen and Simón Willson, on drums and bass, respectively. Family Plan has performed at venues such as Scholes Street Studio (NYC), Dièse Onze (Montreal), and the LilyPad (Cambridge), among others. Descendants in equal parts to the sensibilities of high- and low-brow music, Family Plan is performing this concert to celebrate the release of its eponymously-titled debut album comprised entirely of original compositions on Endectomorph

Festival Schedule for Wednesday 9/29/2021

Outside of Grace Exhibition Space: 182 Avenue C, Between 11/12th streets

4:30 pm  Kids: Run the Obstacle Course Challenge: painted decorated boxes become an obstacle for a children’s race course. Lead by runner & passionate health advocate Harry B. Lichtenstein.  

6:00pm Wellness: Herbal Class with Noreen Kelly, ND Free Medicinal Herbal Class.  We will learn how to identify medicinally viable plants, determine what is a “weed”, examine the traditional uses of these plants, look at some of the current science, and then make a tea.  All are welcome.

:30pm Social Protecting Wilderness: Ancient Forests and Our Future Breaths Learn about an ancient wild forest in the Yaak Valley, Montana – “the lungs of this continent” – that is under threat of being cut and sold for profit. – Write your own imaginings of what the forest has to teach us in our current age of fires – Create a silk wildflower that is native to the Yaak Valley that will be part of the body and organs of a 10-foot puppet installed in this forest.  – Integrate embodied artistic practice, political advocacy and community action.

Also Friday, Oct 1 at 182 Ave C & Saturday, Oct 2 at El Jardin Del Paraiso at 4th /5th between C&D

De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center, 8th St (Aves B & C)

6:30 pm PERFORMANCE: Tim Cusack’s “I Ping the Body Electric” reimagines Walt Whitman’s iconic ode to the human anatomy from the perspective of a 50-something, HIV-positive gay man. This solo dance-theatre piece, co-created with director Patrice Miller, foregrounds Cusack’s queer, aging, “diseased” bodily presence as the focus of the performance, in the process disrupting and challenging normative valuations concerning “masculinity,” “youth,” and “health.” 

La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez (Ave C & 9th St)

FILMS 6pmGARBAGIA” RT: 10 minutes, Or how the trash was one.

6:30 pm Film: Demeter’s Daughter, Site Work version (1997) With intro by Tamar Rogoff RT: 58 minutes

9C Garden, corner of Avenue C & 9th St)

“Art around the Hood” Saturday, June 5


LUNGS (Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens) is inviting all artists to paint your masterpiece in public on the fences of community gardens in the East village and Lower East Side.

Join us in “Art Around the Hood,” Saturday, June 5, Noon to 5pm.

as part of GreenThumb’s Open Gardens Day. We supply the canvas, you supply the paint and the talent. Make your statement, show your true colors  Sign up at

20 Community Gardens are participating in Art around the Hood

LaGuardia Corner Gardens, 511 LaGuardia Place, Houston & Bleecker Sts

Petit Versailles, 247 E. 2nd St, B & C

Peachtree Garden, 221 E. 2rd St, B & C

Jardin Los Amigos, 221 E. 3rd St, B & C

Parque de Tranquilidad, 314 E. 4th St, C & D

El Jardin del Paraiso, 305 E.4th ST, C & D

6 & B Garden, 84 Ave B, 5th & 6th Sts.

6BC Botanical Garden, 624 E.6th St, B & C

Carmens’ Garden, 17 Ave C, 7th & 8th Sts

DeColores, 313 E. 8th St, B & C

Firemen’s, 360 E 8th St, C & D

Green Oasis, 370 E.8th ST, C & D

LaPlaza Cultural, 674 E.9th ST, corner of C

9C Garden, 144 Ave C, corner of 9th St

11BC Serenity Garden, 626 E.11TH ST, B &C

East Side Outside, 415 E 11th St, 1st & A

El Sol Brillante, 522–528 E 12th St, A & B

Campos Garden, 644 E.12th ST, B & C

Vamos Sembrar, 197 Avenue B St, 12th & 13th Sts

Dias y Flores, 520 E. 13th St, A & B

There more events in various community gardens throughout the day, stay tuned to stay up to date.

QR code for LUNGS CSA

Please use with PayPal for the LUNGS CSA, $10 a week. Also send us your name, email address, mobile numbers and the date you would like to pick up your bag. Send to:

LUNGS CSA begins Sunday, July 12

We are starting the CSA this Sunday if you are interested.
It’s still $10 a bag, is open to anyone and the fresh produce comes from the Acevedos Family Farm of Orange county.

Pickup is at DeColores Community Garden, 313 E.8th St between B & C between 1-3pm
If you’d like you can prepay with Paypal:

Please let us know if you would like to sign up.

Gardens closed, no license -no water, Petition to negotiate Greenthumb License

Because of the Corona pandemic, community gardens are closed by order of GreenThumb, effective immediately and until further notice community gardens may remain open or closed to garden members only at the discretion of each garden group, and only for absolutely necessary maintenance and season preparation.

This is in the best interest of everyone, we must protect each other and stay safe. Gardeners know well enough how to give each other space but you never know how interaction with the public may be dangerous given the current crisis.

There is no guidance to what constitutes “absolutely necessary maintenance and season preparation” but it would seem that this would include protecting, nourishing and watering plants.

However, last week it was announced that “Parks was directed by GreenThumb to not turn on internal water at unlicensed gardens.  Internal water access (along with deliveries and supply and plant distributions) is another form of material assistance that is not available to gardens that are unlicensed .“

In the midst of a global health emergency this is of grave concern.

This license impasse began last April. Since September the Parks Department has refused to meet with us to negotiate. We believe these issues can be resolved. We have been acting in good faith. We want to get back to gardening.

On March 13, at the City Council Parks budget hearing Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver was presented with a petition signed by more then 500 folks asking the Department to return to negotiations. Please join us and sign the petition below and share it with your friends and neighbors.

At the hearing, Commissioner Silver agreed to have the Parks Department meet with garden groups to discuss the license. See the video of the hearing HERE.

However, no meeting has yet to take place or be scheduled. Now is it the Parks Department policy to deny water in the midst of a public health emergency?

Surely this is a bureaucratic misunderstanding or oversight. We implore GreenThumb to correct this policy immediately, there is too much at stake

We have watched as GreenThumb’s tactics have devolved into threats, intimidation and reprisals. Now they are turning off the water?

Retribution is not an appropriate public policy. We have legitimate concerns about the GreenThumb license which many find confusing and repressive.

LUNGS and the New York City Community Garden Coalition (NYCCGC) are asking you to join us and support our efforts to correct the GreenThumb License Agreement. We have been trying to bring the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Mayor’s Office, and the Office of the Corporation Counsel back to the table to negotiate in good faith and resolve the outstanding issues in order to achieve a fair and just GreenThumb community garden License. We have been requesting a meeting since September and gotten no response.

The program has been an extraordinary example of a City agency working hand and hand with 10,000 volunteers. Now these gardeners who steward city property are being denied a voice.

We also urge our elected officials to support the thousands of volunteers who have spent years working for to improve their communities and enhance the health and well being of their people.

Petition to negotiate the GreenThumb License

I call on GreenThumb and the Parks Department to negotiate in good faith a better Community Garden License Agreement. The license agreement currently offered is flawed and inconsistent. The new license destroys the fruitful relationship that volunteer gardeners have had with GreenThumb for the last 42 years.

Specifically issues that need to be addressed :

  1. Remove the Termination-at-Will clause and clarify that only current default will cause the NYC Parks Commissioner to
    deny to renew or terminate a License.
  2. Remove the Assumption of Risk clause and the sole liability placed on the community gardens and have NYC Parks purchase liability insurance for the community gardens.
  3. Remove the community gardeners' blanket Waiver of their Right to a Trial by Jury clause.
  4. Fix the event permitting requirements and the inconsistent language between the License, the Handbook, and the Parks Rules & Regulations.

%%your signature%%

128 signatures

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