GreenThumb Garden License Agreement Online & Meeting

GreenThumb’s new licenses for our community gardens were send out last week.

The paperwork only went to garden reps, one copy per garden. Everyone should take a look at the license so we posted it on ABOVE on the LUNGS website.

Take a gander and give it some thought. We are meeting to discuss the license agreement this Saturday, April 27 at High NOON at Green Oasis, 370 e. 8th St between Avenues C & D.

This is an important meeting. We need your input to figure out how we should proceed. Please try and send at least one person from your garden, this license affects all of us.

East River Park Meeting Tomorrow

The planned destruction of East River Park is going to have a direct impact on our gardens. LUNGS is holding a public meeting tomorrow, Thursday, January 17, at 7pm at 428 E10th St.(C&D) to discuss the situation. Please send a garden rep to be part of the discussion.

We are in the middle of a struggle to preserve East River Park. We are fighting the proposed plan and its implementation. The City intends to close the entire park for at least 3 1/2 years beginning next Spring.

Whatever is going to happen, the gardens need to be prepared. We will be called on to open our garden gates and welcome a community more needy than ever before. Our green spaces will take on an even important role for the neighborhood then today. We need to understand this and plan accordingly.

We also must plan for the joint hearing on East River Park at the City Council’s on Wednesday, January 23, at 1pm at City Hall. We must turn out in garden colors, with signs and numbers to show our strength and unity of our community.


PUBLIC MEETING Saturday, April 28, 1pm at Green Oasis, E.8t between Aves C & D.

New York City is in the process of developing an Urban Agriculture Policy. This will affect all of us. Urban Agriculture can be anything from beekeeping to fishing in the East River to growing peppers in your plot.

Your ideas and input are vital to developing a coherent policy that helps us all. We need access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. The City must support our needs.

A listening session to discus a potential Urban Agriculture policy is scheduled in Brooklyn for May 8 with representatives of stakeholders and City officials. It is NOT a public meeting.

But you can be part of the process, please come to our meeting this Saturday, April 28, 1pm at Green Oasis, E.8St. and fill out this survey.

Most broadly, urban agriculture refers to growing and raising food crops and animals in an urban setting for the purpose of feeding local populations. Cities choose to narrow and focus this definition in various ways, often categorizing urban agriculture as one or more of the following: community gardens, commercial gardens, community supported agriculture, farmers’ markets, personal gardens, and urban farms.

New York City has a long, rich history in urban agriculture. From backyards to community gardens to urban farms, across the five boroughs concerned community members have been growing food as well as greening communal spaces in our neighborhoods for decades. For-profit growing businesses have also entered the NYC urban agriculture landscape.

That is why it is important to hear from you, please fill this out: SURVEY LINK

Spring Awakening Meeting Thursday, the Ides of March

This week, Thursday, March 15 we will be have a planning meeting for Spring Awakening at 428 E. 10th St at 7pm. Please join us and help make this a great event!!
Spring Awakening is happening on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22 as we parade and party to welcome the Spring and celebrate the opening of our community gardens!
We will be having music and dance, toy making and costumes for kids, soap making, seed swapping, canning and wellness workshops!


This Saturday, June 11, our monthly LUNGS meeting will take place at 11am at DeColores Garden, E.8th St Btwn Aves B & C.

If the weather turns nasty we will have the meeting inside, at 428 E.10th St between Aves C & D. Please send a garden rep to the meeting there is much to discuss.

We are going to begin this year’s LUNGS CSA next Sunday, June 19 at Campos Garden E.12th St between Aves B & C.

This is the fourth year that LUNGS has sponsored a CSA. Once again we are working with the Acevedos Family of Orange county as our primary suppliers.

To prepare for this year’s CSA we will be making special stylish LUNGS tote bags at a workshop this Sunday, June 12.  

Our sewing machines will begin needling at noon at 428 E.10th St between Aves C & D. These custom-made bags will carry all your fresh goody produce home all season.

The workshop is gonna be so much fun.  Design, fashion, broccoli, it’s all there. If you come to the workshop you can have a unique LUNGS tote bag for free.  Extra bag creations will be available for purchase at the CSA beginning June 19.

We need to get the names and money for the first CSA by Tuesday, June 14 to place our order. Once again it’s $10 a week for about 10 pounds of produce. It’s on a week to week basis, you pay for the following week as you pick up your order.  The first week is always a bit rough getting the orders correct, in so please respond to this email if you would like to get a bag June 19.

Here’s the 2016 LUNGS CSA delivery sites
June 19 & 26—Campos, 12th St near Ave C

July—Campos, 12th St near Ave C

August—Green Oasis, 8th St between Aves C&D


October—La Plaza, 9th St & Ave C

November—De Colores, 8th St between Aves B&C

There has been some confusion,This is the deal:
Saifee Hardware 114 First Ave at 7th St. is offering a 10% discount on any purchase through 2016 to LUNGS gardeners.

They require the gardener’s name, garden affiliation and email to be eligible for the discount.

Please respond to this email with a list of your gardeners who want to receive the discount.

At first purchase you will receive a discount card after the cashier verifies that your name is on the list. Saifee will be sending out special offers via email throughout the year to gardeners.

For your garden to be in good standing with LUNGS there is yearly garden membership fee of $10. To join the list simply pay the garden membership fee.
Current Gardens in good standing are:
El Sol Brillante               6B Garden
DeColores                       El Jardin
Orchard Alley                  Campos
Miracle Garden                Creative Little Garden
Green Oasis                      LaGuardia Corner Garden
Relaxation Garden           11BC

DIRT Deliveries–we need to discuss the final phase of our dirt program at the LUNGS meeting this Saturday.

LUNGS MEETING Saturday, March 5

 LUNGS is meeting, Saturday, March 5 at 11 am at 428 E. 10th St. So much to talk about.

Agenda items:

We will celebrate  Spring Awakening 2016, Saturday, April 16. We will consolidate the festivities with one parade beginning at 1:30,pm at 6B Garden walk up Avenue B to 12th St go east on 12th and come down Ave C and culminate at El Jardin del Paraiso for a little food, music, poetry and much more

In addition to food and music we would like to incorporate Gardens Rising into the afternoon. We would like to have a El Jardin Walkabout with members of the Gardens Rising Steering Committee, El Jardin gardeners and anyone else interested in the process. This would give us an real opportunity to specifically address issues in El Jardin, talk about ideas and discuss solutions.  It would be a very dynamic discussion because we would literally be immersed in the garden.

Solar 1 has also agreed to make a presentation at Spring Awakening to talk about solar ideas for the gardens sand the neighborhood.
We also hope to have a bike tuneup workshop at Spring Awakening.

we are looking for more environmental workshops and fun activities for the day, bring your ideas

According to our by-laws, LUNGS is due for board elections this Spring.

Board members serve for two year. According to our by-laws there must be a minimum of five and each board member must be from a different garden.

Board nominations will be accepted at the next LUNGS meeting, Saturday, March 5.  Elections will be held at the annual general meeting, Saturday, April 2. If you are interested in serving on the board please contact us.

Currently there are five LUNGS board members; President Charles Krezell of DeColores, Vice President Maryanne Byington of Green Oasis, Treasurer Karen Kandra of Miracle Garden, Secretary Ayo Harrington of Orchard Alley and Projects Coordinator Christopher Batehhorst of Campos Garden.


Many people have expressed an interest in helping the tree pits in the neighborhood that are suffering because of misuse or lack of maintenance. A resolution to support the retro-fitting of our tree pits is soon to be introduced in Community  Board 3’s Transportation Committee. Let’s discuss the resolution and ways we can find grant money to support improving the situation.


Project Manager Position
Position Available: Project Manager, Gardens Rising Program.

Since 1996, the New York City Community Garden Coalition (NYCCGC) has promoted the preservation, creation, and empowerment of community gardens through education, advocacy, and grassroots organizing. NYCCGC is the only organization in New York City by and for community gardeners, who often live in low-income communities of color that face disproportionate environmental justice and health challenges.

Program Background:
The NYCCGC is a recipient of Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery funding from the New York State Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) to undertake a feasibility study for stormwater capture best practices within the community gardens of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The project known as Gardens Rising will combine community participation with engineering expertise, to develop green infrastructure to increase permeability and stormwater capture within forty-seven (47) community gardens located in the Study Area.

The NYCCGC is seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of “Project Manager”.

This position plays a critical role in a fast-changing organization. Under the supervision of the Executive Director, the Project Manager will be responsible for assisting in the selection, engagement and management of designers and architects. A primary responsibility will be to ensure that technical deliverables align with the vision of the Gardens Rising project, and that deliverables are cost effective.

Applicants should have a positive attitude, possess strong organizational skills, and have the ability to work independently. Applicants should have experience in managing projects with tight timelines and have the ability to minimize project risk. Applicants should also have track record of managing projects that have been delivered on time and within scope and budget.

The Project Manager will report directly to the Executive Director of NYCCGC.

Job Duties:
The following are the general responsibilities for the position of Project Manager, split into two phases.

Phase 1 (Master Plan)

Provide support and advice in developing the RFP for design/engineering firms.
Provide support and consultation to the Steering Committee through all phases of the Master Plan.
Devise and implement a timeline in support of the final feasibility study.
Act as a liaison between the Steering Committee, the community, the NYCCGC and the design/engineering firm.
Develop guidelines for data collection.
Establish and support technical design and reporting requirements.
Provide vision and strategies for all aspects of the Garden Rising project.
Evaluate professional services firms and assist the Steering Committee with the selection of professional services firm.
Facilitate design charrettes in coordination with community gardeners and other stakeholders.
Collaborate with a professional services firm to research legal and technical viability of project design proposals.
Build upon existing relationships and cultivate new relationships with existing job placement programs, local tech start-ups, and members of the local community.
Assist with education, communications, and marketing strategies within the vision of the Gardens Rising plan.
Identify potential fundraising opportunities to further the vision of the Master Plan.
Phase 2 (Implementation)

Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation.
Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs using appropriate techniques.
Perform outreach to local job training workforce/placement programs.
Work with a professional services firm to insure that the project is constructed in accordance with the contract requirements and specifications.
Organize and maintain working knowledge of all project plans, contracts, purchase orders, drawings and all other project related documents.
Track and report on project success with coalition members and other stakeholders.
Coordinate with staff and community/business partners to support implementation of project.
Regularly report on project progress to the Steering Committee.
Skills and Knowledge Requirements:

Ability to effectively multi-task and meet deadlines.
Excellent organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills are necessary.
5 years’ experience in project/construction management.
Familiarity with green infrastructure best management practices (highly preferred).
Spanish fluency (highly preferred).
Knowledge of the Lower East Side community and Community Gardens (highly preferred).
Must be available to work flexible hours (including some evenings and weekends).
Salary: PT hourly $50/hr, 10 hours a week.

Responses Due: March 21, 2016.

NYCCGC is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. NYCCGC provides equal opportunity and prohibits discrimination against all employees and applicants based upon race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, creed, national origin and ethnic origin, age, citizenship, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.

Persons requiring reasonable accommodation to participate in this hiring effort are requested to contact Mr. Aziz Dehkan by email at

NYCCGC strongly encourages Section 3 residents to participate in this hiring effort. Information to determine if you are a Section 3 resident can be obtained by contacting Mr. Dehkan at the email address provided above.

LUNGS CSA Fresh Food Bag meeting this Saturday

We will be meeting this Saturday June 20, at noon at DeColores Garden, E.8th St Btwn Aves B & C, to make plans for this year’s LUNGS Fresh Food Bag CSA.

The program is going to begin Sunday, June 28 at Campos Garden on E.12th St.

Please come or send a rep from your garden to this meeting on Saturday. We will have signup sheet for the first week’s CSA. We will also ask garden reps to come up with a list of their gardeners who want to begin the program the first week and the money to place the order.

The program will continue to operate as it has for the last two years; as a, week to week, $10 per order, program. Once again we are working with the Acevedos Family Farm from Orange County.

The first five Sundays, through July, the program will operate out of Campos Garden on E.12th St between Aves B & C.

We need bags! Last year we supplied bags at the beginning of the season and they all disappeared by the end. So please bring good sturdy bags that can carry 10 pounds of produce. Again, we are going to have honey as a separate order and we are discussing ordering eggs.

We need people to volunteer to make this program possible. If you are able to contribute some time, please join us.

In August we will move to Green Oasis. In September Orchard Alley will host the program. El Jardin del Paraiso has offered to host October. The CSA will end at La Plaza Cultural in November.