This Saturday, June 11, our monthly LUNGS meeting will take place at 11am at DeColores Garden, E.8th St Btwn Aves B & C.

If the weather turns nasty we will have the meeting inside, at 428 E.10th St between Aves C & D. Please send a garden rep to the meeting there is much to discuss.

We are going to begin this year’s LUNGS CSA next Sunday, June 19 at Campos Garden E.12th St between Aves B & C.

This is the fourth year that LUNGS has sponsored a CSA. Once again we are working with the Acevedos Family of Orange county as our primary suppliers.

To prepare for this year’s CSA we will be making special stylish LUNGS tote bags at a workshop this Sunday, June 12.  

Our sewing machines will begin needling at noon at 428 E.10th St between Aves C & D. These custom-made bags will carry all your fresh goody produce home all season.

The workshop is gonna be so much fun.  Design, fashion, broccoli, it’s all there. If you come to the workshop you can have a unique LUNGS tote bag for free.  Extra bag creations will be available for purchase at the CSA beginning June 19.

We need to get the names and money for the first CSA by Tuesday, June 14 to place our order. Once again it’s $10 a week for about 10 pounds of produce. It’s on a week to week basis, you pay for the following week as you pick up your order.  The first week is always a bit rough getting the orders correct, in so please respond to this email if you would like to get a bag June 19.

Here’s the 2016 LUNGS CSA delivery sites
June 19 & 26—Campos, 12th St near Ave C

July—Campos, 12th St near Ave C

August—Green Oasis, 8th St between Aves C&D


October—La Plaza, 9th St & Ave C

November—De Colores, 8th St between Aves B&C

There has been some confusion,This is the deal:
Saifee Hardware 114 First Ave at 7th St. is offering a 10% discount on any purchase through 2016 to LUNGS gardeners.

They require the gardener’s name, garden affiliation and email to be eligible for the discount.

Please respond to this email with a list of your gardeners who want to receive the discount.

At first purchase you will receive a discount card after the cashier verifies that your name is on the list. Saifee will be sending out special offers via email throughout the year to gardeners.

For your garden to be in good standing with LUNGS there is yearly garden membership fee of $10. To join the list simply pay the garden membership fee.
Current Gardens in good standing are:
El Sol Brillante               6B Garden
DeColores                       El Jardin
Orchard Alley                  Campos
Miracle Garden                Creative Little Garden
Green Oasis                      LaGuardia Corner Garden
Relaxation Garden           11BC

DIRT Deliveries–we need to discuss the final phase of our dirt program at the LUNGS meeting this Saturday.