Wet and Lusty May is upon us

Hey Lungsters, we are having our monthly meeting this  Saturday May 7,  at 10 am at DeColores Garden E.8^th St Btwn Aves B & C. It is supposed to be sunny on Saturday but if the weather is nasty we will meet at 428 E.10th St Between C & D.

We have a lot on the agenda so we will be getting to it quickly.

Spring Awakening Revisited–We need to discuss the Spring Awakening, to figure out what went right and what can be improved on.

LUNGS Grants and money status–What we have and what we don’t, receipts are still being collected for last year’s LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival, and what we need to do going forward.

CSA–we need to start gearing up for the CSA program this summer. Volunteers needed.

SYEP –Summer Youth Employment Program, we are again working with students in the gardens in conjunction with Gardens Rising.

Community Garden District– discussion of the where it stands.

Gardens Rising –updates and discussion

LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival– is scheduled for September 24 & 25, we need to begin planning now and set up a Festival committee.

EXCHaNGE–There is dirt, compost, mulch and trees available for community gardens, by combining efforts we can facilitate distribution. What do you have to offer, what does your garden need?