LUNGS FEST schedule Sunday 10/3

Sunday 10/3

14th Annual Art and Music Festival at the ~ Sam & Sadie Koenig Garden

3:30pm ~ Music starts at 4pm

ART , Andre Lucien ~ painting, Anne Edris ~ painting and sculpture, Kathy Creutzburg ~ sculpture, Alicja Sobieraj-Litwinski ~ drawings and paintings.

MUSIC with jazz stylist Carla Savoy & her trio with special guests, Dan Rosengard ~ Keys, Paul Shapiro ~ Tenor and Flute, Tony Lewis ~ Drums

Guest singers ~ Matthew Sarles & Michael Austin, celebrating the lyrics and music of Alan and Marilyn Bergman, and Anthony Newley

Green Oasis, 8th St (Aves C & D)

5 pm Theater with Bina Shariff’s ,“Life is a One Act Play “

Children’s Magical Garden, St

Free JAZZ Presented by Arts for Art, Arts for Art is dedicated to the exceptional creativity that originated in the African American multi-arts jazz culture that utilizes improvisation to express a larger, more positive dream of inclusion and freedom.

1:30 Ishito/Carter/Nebula , Ayumi Ishito – tenor saxophone/fx / Nebula – theremin /Daniel Carter – reeds, flute, trp

2:30     Patrick Holmes Trio, Patrick Holmes – clarinet / Jesse Dulman – tuba / Ryan Sawyer – drums      

3:30     NoLand – Poet / Luke Stewart – bass 

4:00     Sound & Cry, Patricia Nicholson – text, dance / Jean Carla Rodea – vocals / William Parker – gimbre    



El Jardin de Paraiso, 4th St & 5th St (Aves C & D)

3pm Vít Hořejš’s Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre, presents Czech and Slovak Tales with Strings

Beginning On the corner of 10th St and Ave B and ending at 6th St and Ave B

5pm- Procession with Batala and Earth Celebrations

Batalá New York is a part of a global arts project made up of over 30 bands around the world. The music of Batalá originates in Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia, in northeastern Brazil.

VOLUNTEER & SIGN-UP to wear a specular Climate Solution Costume:

6th&B Garden Ave B (6th St)

6pm Cubracabras

A seven-piece band of brothers, Chupacabras peppers Afro-Cuban beats with jazz, rock and a captivating stage presence, inspiring audiences to move, love and live like never before.



Schedule LUNGS X Saturday 10/2

This Schedule is subject to change!

Orchard Alley Community Garden 350 E 4th (C&D)

9 am Yoga Classes – 45 minute hatha flow!By Alex Royals of YesYeahYoga! Bring your own mat!

CLINTON St Garden, Clinton and Stanton Sts.

2pm-5pm LUNGS Amazing Domino Tournament, Free and Open to All, Prizes and Fun



De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center 8th St (Aves B & C)

3pm Vít Hořejš’s Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre, presents Czech and Slovak Tales with Strings, accompanied by Shoko Nagai on accordion and Satoshi Takeishi percussion

Children’s Magical Garden, Stanton St & Norfolk St

Free JAZZ Presented by Arts for Art, Arts for Art is dedicated to the exceptional creativity that originated in the African American multi-arts jazz culture that utilizes improvisation to express a larger, more positive dream of inclusion and freedom.

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1:30     Behroozi /Cooper-Moore/Mela, Daro Behroozi  – reeds/ Cooper-Moore – diddley-bow,mouth-bow/ Francisco Mela – drums

2:30     Michael Wimberly Trio , Waldron Madhi Ricks – trumpet / Adam Lane – bass / Michael Wimberly – drums

3:30     Yuko Otomo – Poet

4:00     Steve Swell Kende Dreams, Steve Swell – trb / Rob Brown – alto / William Parker – bass / TA Thompson – drums

11St Community Garden, First Ave & Ave A

Noon to 6pm Gina Healy Band and friends

Green Oasis, 8th St (Aves C & D)

3pm Joan Reinmuth’s Satire workshop, 2nd PART PERFORMANCE


Sylvain Leroux is, without a shadow of a doubt, a major musician. He is also an activist who is deeply committed to preserving the music of the people of the West African country of Guinea. In doing just so, Mr Leroux has also helped preserve and grow an important aspect of the Guinean music tradition as well as the little-known musical instrument of the Guinean “Fula” people – the tambin (or “fula” flute)

5pm- DASO – Afro-Caribbean Soul

DASO El AfroCaribeño calls his eclectic mix of styles “Afro-Caribbean Soul” fusing Salsa Tropical, Hip Hop and Reggae – which reference his early influences of Afro Caribbean Rhythms, like Bomba and Musica Jibara

6pm  Drag Show, Isaac Miss Isaac presents an hour of drag. In this set there will be live singing, live painting, and full on drag numbers! Exploring themes of harvest and feasting in connection to the garden, this show made of Broadway songs and pop music with performance art elements is sure to be one of a kind.

Campos Garden E.12th St C & D

7pm Afro-Cuban Jazz– Ray Santiago and friends


Friday’s LUNGS FEST Schedule

Outside of Grace Exhibition Space: 182 Avenue C, Between 11/12th Sts.

2:00 pm Social  C Tawk with JC Augustin.Don’t dream it, BE it.” Live the talk show experience, live from Avenue C. JC channels Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas on Lois

4:30 pm – up to 6:30  Kids Make Bioremediating Reliefs with artist Jacobie Zeretsky. Use clay, sticks, earthen plasters, sand, seaweed, small shells, plant matter, probiotics, plant based pencils, paper, cardboard.  We reflect:  “Who you want to be in the place you want to see”. 

5:45 pm  Social: Protecting Wilderness: Ancient Forests and Our Future Breaths

7:00 pm  Social: “What’s your name?” with JK Canepa

Garden of Trinity Church, 602 E.9th St (B & C)

7pm Theater, October 1-4






Children’s Magical Garden, Stanton St (Norfolk St)

5pm Vít Hořejš‘s Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre, presents Czech and Slovak Tales with Strings





La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez (Ave C & 9th St)

5 pm Pinc Louds

The band that “saved summer” (ABC News, Gothamist , Ari Shaffir) was born in 2015 when lead singer, Claudi (all pronouns accepted), moved from Puerto Rico to NYC to fulfill her dream of playing in the subway. Pinc Louds quickly gained a following, including Paul Banks (of the band Interpol) who called one of her performances “Absolutely epic. This music turned my soul.”

Green Oasis, 8th St (Aves C & D)

5:30 Music Mbira NYC Nora Balaban

6:30 pm Matthieu Eveillard

7:30 pm Pete Margolis

8:30 pm Faith


Faith has formed a musical style, “Unlike virtually any other sound out there” (J. Lien – CMJ). “If Nina Simone had a power trio with a rock/soul and reggae flair, it would sound something like this” (Doug DeFalco, Talent Buyer, Southpaw).   Felice Rosser “Sings in a voice both plangent and wailing” (New York Times).  With sweet and powerful guitars from Nao Hakamada and funky polyrhythms from drummer Paddy Boom (x-Scissor Sisters), Faith has developed an immensely colorful sound., “…tunes that are not rock, not funk, not r&b, so much as deeply soulful tone poems back by multiculti dream pop” (Village Voice).

Campos Garden, 12th St (Aves B & C)

6:30 OPERA: Dell’Arte Opera Ensemble presents The Great Aria Throwdown






Carmen’s Garden, 117 Ave C, 7th & 8th Sts

6pm Jim Flynn on the Irish Harp


We are planning an abbreviated version of the LUNGS HARVEST ARTS Festival Saturday, OCT 3 & Sunday, OCT 4.

It’s 2020 and we are all stuck inside somewhere. We are living in the Human Zoo. This year’s festival is dedicated expressing our situation through art. We want to spread an art virus, infecting one another with ideas and sharing the reality of what is going on in our lives

All the exhibits will take place behind the garden fences with the audiences on the sidewalks.

The audience will be moving, fluid. The art stationary. We want to foster our wild variety of sentiments through our art. We are all politically bent, given the times and election. Let people know how you feel.

We will be promoting this as an Art exhibit and the gardens as a Green Museum, the different gardens are for touring audiences.

See Schedule HERE for the Festival

Contact if you are interested in participating,

Schedule for Today’s LUNGS Harvest Fest Saturday, September 21

March and Rally to Save the PARK!

East River Park is threatened! Bury the Plan, Not the Park

12pm • Meet at Tompkins Square Park.Wind through the streets passing out flyers and encouraging people to join the protest. March over the 6th Street Bridge to East River Park.

1:30pm • RALLY! East River Park Labyrinth (just north of the Williamsburg Bridge) Speeches, Songs, Big Noise! Let the City Know they cannot close and kill our park. We will parade along the promenade south around the amphitheater to BURY THE PLAN!

Secret Garden Treasure Hunt

2–6pm • Secret Garden Treasure Hunt. Local artists Margarita Calderon and Stephanie Echeveste have created a Secret Garden Treasure Hunt to celebrate and grow awareness of the gardens in Loisaida.

Guests receive a passport with a map and clues to each participating garden. Pickup up your passport and plan your journey, visit each garden and collect your stamps. You don’t need to visit these gardens in any specific order, wander and enjoy!

At each garden, your passport is stamped and you receive a small treasure. Your adventure ends at El Sol Brillante Garden, 522 E12th St (Aves A & B)

Your passport gains you entry to the wine tasting, and joining in the community treasure chest.Enough stamps and you will be awarded a final Treasure.

Collect all stamps by 5pm from these gardens:

1. Clinton Street Garden 171 Stanton St at Clinton St.

2. Peach Tree Garden 236 E 2nd St (Aves B & C)

3. Miracle Garden 194 E 3rd St (Aves A & B)

4. 6BC Botanical 624 E 6th St (Aves B & C)

5. Green Oasis 370 E 8th St (Aves C & D)

6. Carmen Pabon 117 Ave C (7th & 8th)

7. De Colores 313 E 8th St (Aves B & C)

8. 11BC Serenity Garden 626 E 11th St (Aves B & C)

9. Campos 640 E 12th St (Aves B & C)

10. Vamos a Sembrar 197 Ave B (12th & 13th)

Campos Community Garden

640 E 12th St (Aves B & C)

7pm • Ray Santiago and Friends. Latin jazz at its best.

Children’s Garden

94 Ave B (12th St) 1–6pm • Bokashi composting workshop with E. Shig Matsukawa. We’ll feed bokashi FFW to worm composting bed.

Children’s Magical Garden

129 Stanton St (corner, Norfolk St)1:30–5pm • Arts for Art presents In GardensPrograms of free jazz, poetry, dance, justice.

1:30pm • Mara Rosenbloom. With Mara Rosenbloom—synth, Sam Newsome—soprano sax, Andrew Drury—drums.

2:30pm • Poetry Tributes to Steve Cannon. Melanie Marie Goodreaux—poetry, David Henderson—poetry.

3:30pm • Jason Hwang Critical Response. Jason Hwang—violin, Anders N i l s s o n — g u i t a r, TA Thompson—drums.

4:30 p m • Amirtha Kidambi / Mazz Swift. Amirtha Kidambi—voice, Mazz Swift—violin, voice.

Creative Little Garden

530 E 6th St (Aves A & B)3–5pm • Music Under the Willow concert. An intimate afternoon of live performances by New York City’s finest musicians.

De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center

313 E 8th St (Aves B & C)1–6pm • Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange. Featuring: Paul Sachs, Michelle Shocked, David Massengill, Ina May Wool, Sharon Goldman, Carolann E Solebello, Bev Grant, Chris Fuller, John Hodel, Frank Mazzetti, Kathryn Bloss among others.

Jack Hardy was a lyrical singer-songwriter and playwright based in Greenwich Village, who was influential in the folk music scenes for decades. In songwriter circles, Hardy was as well-known as a teacher and mentor as he was as an artist. Songwriters gathered at his hallowed Houston Street apartment one night a week to play their latest (and usually unfinished) work, and to face criticism from Hardy and their gathered peers. Jack suffered neither egos nor nerves, and when the introduction to a new song got too long and/or apologetic from a songwriter, Hardy would bark, “Shut up and sing the song.” Hardy passed away in 2011 but the Songwriters Exchange continues weekly on East 8th Street hosted by the wonderful Kathryn Bloss. Come and hear this current crop of singer-songwriters.

7pm • Comedy “NATURE BOI” Cordero Wilson presents: Derek Humphrey, Blair Postman, Katie Boyle, Marv Glover and Shari Diaz

El Jardin del Paraiso

706 E 4th St ( C & D)2:30pm • Kids’ day in El Jardin, painting shingles to go onto the children’s toolshed, putting perennial seed heads into the E. 4th Street tree pits; formal placement of tree-name plaques onto 4th Street tree guards; brief walk and talk thru medicinal/pollinator plot.

El Sol Brillante

522 E.12th St (A & B) 2–5pm • Wine tasting entry with Treasure Hunt Passport. Music by Sylvain Leroux Trio, playing original, African traditional and jazz with Sylvain Leroux, flute; Mamadou Ba, bass; Andy Algire, percussions.

Girls Club

402 E. 8th Street (off Avenue D)11am &1pm • Tours. Tours start promptly at 11amand 1pm. Tour of the rooftop farm and environmental teaching center and new ground floor mushroom growing installation.

Green Oasis

370 E 8th St (Aves C & D)1–3pm • Paper Mâché Workshop w/ Ian Knife Part 1. (All ages welcome) Ian Dave knife is a Zimbabwean Sculptor of the Shona stone tradition. His works have been exhibited around the world; he currently teaches at the Complete Sculptor in NYC3–7:15pm • GO Annual Lantern Making Festival. Fall Equinox Lantern Festival. As the days begin to dwindle, make a lantern to celebrate the light! Parade after dark, followed by s’mores in the Garden.

La Guardia Corner Gardens

511 LaGuardia Place (W Houston & Bleeker Sts)12–4pm • Art Installation. LaGuardia Corner garden will present an interactive installation by artist Francine Demeulenaere, Maracas of Seeds. We will also have a display of craft projects using garden plants: eco-dyeing, sun prints, and herbal vinegars, and will giveaway seeds and plants.


221 E 3rd St (Aves B & C)1–5PM • ART RUMBLE. Free-for-all painting— SHOCKING ! We supply the canvas, you supply the talent, set your colors FREE

M’Finda Kalunga

179 Chrystie St.( Rivington St.)Noon • Children’s activity Miracle Garden194 E 3rd St (Aves A & B)12 pm – 5 pm • The Advisor Is in! Need to gain clarity and insights on your life? Asa nod to Lucy van Pelt, Carolyn (who works as a LifeCoach) will be doling out advice on any topic.

Tompkins Square Park

11am–12:30pm • Garden Tours with Park Ranger Sargent Rob. Meeting Location–Saint Marks Place and Avenue A


84 Ave B (6th St) 4–5:30pm • A Garden Variety – POETRY and PROSE, with Mindy Levokove & Sahar Muradi. Words among the bleeding hearts. Featured readers & open mic. Bring words or listen.

6pm • Create Your Own Botanical Slides using seeds,leaves, and flowers, followed by slide projections of your creations. With M.M. Serra and Sally Young.


144 Ave C (9th St)”Love Letters”, an interactive weaving installation that celebrates another magical summer in the garden.

12 – 5pm • Writing love letters to the garden and weaving our love letters together. We’ll collaboratively build the installation.

5pm – 7pm • Installation opening. Engage with the installation at dusk and enjoy an evening in the garden.This installation is run by participatory fiber artist Kacie Lyn Martinez, as a part of Hole in the Wall’s 360 Residency program.

Today’s Schedule for LUNGS Harvest Arts Fest Friday, September 20

Friday, September 20

–Climate Strike! Arts/Crafts and Bling! A Cosmic Walk! Puppets!!! COMEDY!


12pm • Assemble at Foley Square

1pm • March to Battery Park

3:30–5pm • Rally at Battery Park On Friday, September 20, three days before the UN Climate Change Summit in NYC, young people and adults will strike all across the US and world to demand transformative action be taken by our world’s governments to address the climate crisis. New York City’s youth will join this global movement, exerting pressure on the September 23rd UN Climate Change Summit. No longer can we allow the fossil fuel and agricultural lobbies to control the climate change debate. Instead, we are holding our governments morally accountable to youth and the already numerous victims of the crisis. Join us!

Carmen Pab on Del Amanecer Jardin

117 Ave C (7th & 8th Sts)

4:30–6pm • Arts & Crafts with Kelly Pryor & Jewelry Demonstration with Joan Reinmuth

Campos Community Garden

640 E12th St (Aves B & C)

9pm–Midnight • Cosmic Meditative Walk. The Cosmic Walk is a meditative walking ritual that helps us embrace the current scientific knowledge of our 14-billion-yearold Universe into our hearts and our minds.

De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center

313 E 8th St (Aves B & C)

7pm–8:30pm The Midnight Radio Show, Shadow Puppets a multi-disciplinary collective based in Brooklyn. Using hand-made shadow puppets, live performance, video content, and an actual radio show, they broadcast real magical love to children of all ages.


84 Ave B (6th St)

8pm • Comedy. Come LAUGH in the garden with three comedians: hard-hitting Paola Dattner, part-embryo,part grandmother Carolyn Kitay, and humane/insane Janine Squillari.

Today’s Schedule for the LUNGS Harvest Arts Fest Thursday, September 19

Community Garden Rally 10am on the steps of City Hall.

The gardens continueto be under attack. Our strength is in unity; and ourgoal is to promote the robust preservation of New York City’s community gardens. All gardeners, friends ofgardens and residents of Mother Earth are urged tojoin us. Let’s rally together! WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY GARDENS. Show the world how you feel! 10am City Hall!

Campos Community Garden

640 E12th St (Aves B & C)

7pm • Stand-up Comedy Garden Variety presented by Nick Probst and Ellington Berg, featuring: Brian Bahe, Peter Murray, Veronica Garza, Gus Constantellis and DoRi Dimplez.

Children’s Garden

194 Ave B (12th St)4–7pm • Bokashi composting workshop with E. Shig Matsukawa. We’ll use the bokashi fermented food waste (FFW) by adding to soil (ground and planters).

De Colores Community Yard &Cultural Center

313 E 8th St (Aves B & C) Today’s musical program is dedicated to the memory of Tim Schellenbaum

5:3 0 p m • HOWL ARTS Presents Modern flute music with Jesse Goldberg, piano and Shannon Vandzura, flute.

7pm • HOWL ARTS Presents Elliott Sharp’s Bootstrappers with Dave Hofstra (bass), Don McKenzie(drums).

Dias y Flores

520 E 13th St (Aves A & B)

5–6pm • Mind Guided Meditation session.


84 Ave B (6th St)

5:30pm • Garden Pests and Soils Q&A with SamAnderson from Cornell Cooperative Extension.

7pm • Science IN & BEYOND the City, with studentsfrom the Berkov tropical ecology lab at the City College of New York:

LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival Schedule Today, Wednesday, September 18

Wednesday September 18

Carmen Pabon Del Amanecer Jardin

117 Ave C (7th & 8th Sts)

6–7:30pm • Jim Flynn performs “Ambient Harp Music”. Social Justice Singer, Song Writer, sponsored by Art Loisaida Foundation.

Children’s Garden

194 Ave B (12th St)

12–7:30pm • Bokashi composting workshop with E. Shig Matsukawa. We’ll manage our food waste dropoff using different techniques with bokashi.

De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center

313 E 8th St (Aves B & C)

7pm • Stand-up Comedy with Cordero and Company. Featuring Andre D. Thomson, Zubi Ahmed, Jared Waters, Von Mycheal and Jarrod Fortune.


84 Ave B (6th St)

7pm • Ecological City Slideshow Celebrate grassroots climate solutions with Felicia Young’s spectacular slideshow of the 2019 Ecological City: Procession for Climate Solutions.


616 E9th St (Aves B & C)

7:30–8pm sharp • A performance by Theresa Byrnes, FRESH. Every piece of plastic manufactured on Earth is still with us. Living forever is something we assume, until we learn of death. We want to be remembered. We fear vanishing without a trace. I propose that plastic is a sacred object to be contemplated. We should treat plastic with reverence and not thoughtlessness.

Today’s Harvest Arts Festival Tuesday, September 17

Tuesday September 17

El Jardin del Paraiso

706 E 4th St (Aves C & D)

10:35–11:35am • Kids’ day in El Jardin, painting shingles to go onto the children’s toolshed, putting perennial seed heads into the E. 4th Street tree pits; formal placement of tree-name plaques onto 4th Street tree guards; brief walk and talk thru medicinal/pollinator plot.

Green Oasis

370 E 8th St (Aves C & D)

7:30pm • Movie Night. Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Miracle Garden

194 E 3rd St (Aves A & B)

7:30–9:30pm • Non-Human Persons. Video projection by Miah Artola. Her drawings, films and animations of a variety of animal and sea life. Visit

6–7:30pm • Gabriel Royal. Singer/songwriter/cellist beautifully fuses R&B, Jazz, and Classical elements to create an entirely original sound. Check out YouTube, Gabriel Royal.


84 Ave B (6th St)

7pm • Marlis Momber film. Marlis Momber’s 1978 documentary about the LES, Viva Loisaida, chronicles what life was like for the director and her fellow immigrants in the mid 1970s.