Spring Awakening

Celebrate Spring Awakening with LUNGS! 

Join our annual celebration of spring and the opening of community gardens. 

Spring Awakening begins with a neighborhood parade, kicking off from one of our community gardens, winding its way through Loisaida, and ending at a family-friendly street celebration. And it’s all FREE!

In 2022, we partnered with NYC Open Streets and #CarFreeEarthDay to bring our 9th Annual Spring Awakening festivities to Avenue B and surrounding parks and gardens, including: 

  • Black Cowboys of Brooklyn – Pony Rides
  • Batala New York batala.nyc
  • Earth Celebrations earthcelebrations.com Ecological City
  • LUNGS Pop-Up Garden, Plant Giveaways, Seed Library
  • Art Show, curated by Eileen Doster
  • BioBus biobus.org
  • Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre
  • Daso Music – Afro-Caribbean Soul
  • Maputi – Mbira Music of Zimbabwe

And neighborhood organizations, including:

Interested in marching, performing or volunteering with the next LUNGS Spring Awakening? Email info@lungsnyc.org or contact us online