Join the Spring Awakening on Saturday, April 25

as we parade from garden to garden Saturday, April 26 1-3pm . It’s a celebration of our community gardens!

Bring your music, wear your costumes. It’s time to party!!

We are asking all gardens to be open from 1 til 3 and welcome the revelers. Bring your smiles and kids, your music and your dance and join us as we snake Pied Piper style through Loisaida.

Three groups will parade through the neighborhood visiting each garden and then converge at 3pm at El Jardin del Paraiso on E.4th St, btwn Aves C & D for continuing music and and frivolity.

Each group will form at one pm.

The North Group forms at Dias Y Flores on E. 13 St btwn Aves A & B.

The Southern Contingent will meet at Children’s Magical Garden on Stanton and Norfolk Sts. Dance like nobody’s watching.

The West parade will begin at Liz Christy Garden on the Northeast corner of Bowery and Houston Streets

AS it stands we are having three groups which will begin in your respective gardens and wend their ways to El Jardin meeting about 3-3:30

Northern Route
1.Dias y Flores 13th St Btwn Aves A & B
2.El Sol Brillante 12th St Btwn Aves A & B (Received Flyer and confirmed)
3. El Sol Brillante JR. 12thSt Btwn Aves A & B
4.Children’s Garden, 12th St & Ave B
5.Campos Gardens, 12th St Btwn Aves B & C
6.11BC Garden, 11th St Btwn Aves B & C
7.ToyotaChildren’s Garden 11th St Btwn Aves B & C
8.9C Garden, Ave C & 9th St
9.La Plaza Cultural de Armando Parez, Ave C& 9th St
10.DeColores Garden 8th St Aves B & C
11. Earth People Garden, 8th St Btwn Aves B &C
12.Fireman’s Garden, 8th St Btwn Aves C & D
13.Green Oasis and Gilbert’s Sculpture Garden, 8th St Btwn Aves C & D (Received Flyer and confirmed)
14. Sam& Sadie Koenig Garden,7th St Btwn Aves C & D
14.Creative Little Garden 6th ST btwn ave A & B
15.6B Garden, Ave B & 6th St
16.6BC Botanical Garden
17. 5th St Slope Garden 5th St west off Ave C.
ENDS El Jardin del Paraiso, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D

Southern Route

1. Children’s Magical Garden, Norfolk & Stanton Sts
2. Siempre Verde Garden, Stanton St (Clinton & Attorney)
3. Le Petit Versailles, 2nd St Btwn Aves B & C
4. Peachtree Garden, 2nd St (B & C)
5. Kenkeleba House Garden 2nd St Btwn Aves B & C
6. Hope Garden, 2nd St (A & B)
7.Miracle Garden, 3rd St (A & B)
8. Los Amigos 3rd St (B & C)
9. Brisas Del Caribe 3rd St (B & C)
10. Generation X 4th St Btwn Aves A & B
11. Secret Garden, 4th St (Ave C)
12.All People’s Garden 3rd st betwn Aves c 7 D
13. Orchard Alley, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D
14. Parque De Tranquilidad, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D
ENDS El Jardin del Paraiso, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D

Western Route
1. Liz Christie Garden, Houston btwn Bowery & Stanton Sts
2. Albert’s Garden, 2nd St btwn Bowery & Second Ave.
3.First St Garden 1st bwtn ist & 2nd Aves
4.. M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden, Rivington St. & Christie 5. First St Green @2nd ave and First st
ENDS El Jardin del Paraiso, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D

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