PUBLIC MEETING Saturday, April 28, 1pm at Green Oasis, E.8t between Aves C & D.

New York City is in the process of developing an Urban Agriculture Policy. This will affect all of us. Urban Agriculture can be anything from beekeeping to fishing in the East River to growing peppers in your plot.

Your ideas and input are vital to developing a coherent policy that helps us all. We need access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. The City must support our needs.

A listening session to discus a potential Urban Agriculture policy is scheduled in Brooklyn for May 8 with representatives of stakeholders and City officials. It is NOT a public meeting.

But you can be part of the process, please come to our meeting this Saturday, April 28, 1pm at Green Oasis, E.8St. and fill out this survey.

Most broadly, urban agriculture refers to growing and raising food crops and animals in an urban setting for the purpose of feeding local populations. Cities choose to narrow and focus this definition in various ways, often categorizing urban agriculture as one or more of the following: community gardens, commercial gardens, community supported agriculture, farmers’ markets, personal gardens, and urban farms.

New York City has a long, rich history in urban agriculture. From backyards to community gardens to urban farms, across the five boroughs concerned community members have been growing food as well as greening communal spaces in our neighborhoods for decades. For-profit growing businesses have also entered the NYC urban agriculture landscape.

That is why it is important to hear from you, please fill this out: SURVEY LINK