Sunday October 8, 2023

Down to Earth Garden, 546 E 12th St (by Ave B)

Sun 10/8, 11 am – 12 pm. Bokashi Other Uses Workshop. [Down to Earth Garden]
Bokashi personal care & bokashi fermented drinks. How to use bokashi and Effective Microorganisms (the main ingredient for making bokashi used in composting and gardening) for personal care (bath, skin and hair), and taste and learn how to make your own bokashi fermented drinks. 

La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez Community Garden, 9th St & Ave C (southwest corner

Sun 10/8, 12 pm. Free YOGA provided by sustainable solutions. [La Plaza]

Sun 10/8, 1–3 pm. Earth CelebrationsNatural Paint Workshop. [La Plaza]
Learn to create paint from fruits, vegetables and plants and collaborate on a painting celebrating community gardens and their climate solutions.

Sun 10/8, 2 pm. Dr Noreen’s Healthy Walk. [La Plaza]
Free Medicinal Herbal Class. The medicinal herbal plot at La Plaza is a learning garden and houses over 30 species of herbs from all around the world.

Sun 10/8, 2:30 pm. Tour of the Gardens. [La Plaza]
Wendy Brawer of Green Map leads a tour of the gardens.


Sun 10/8, 2:30 pm. Samara Lubelski. [La Plaza]
Songwriter, Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Improviser, and Engineer.

Sun 10/8, 3:30 pm. Elliott Sharp solo + duo w/Tracie Morris. [La Plaza]
Elliott Sharp is a composer and multi-instrumentalist also a producer, sound-designer, author, and visual artist.
Tracie Morris is an American poet, performance artist, voca

Sun 10/8, 5 pm. Marta & Arturo – Portuguese Chanteuse. [La Plaza]

9th Street Community Garden & Park, 703 E 9th St (at Ave C)

Sun 10/8, 1–4 pm. El Cuarteto Los Primos [9th Street]
Old School Salsa Dance PArty!

Creative Little Garden, 530 E 6th St (between Ave A & Ave B)

Sun 10/8, 2–4 pm. Music: Under The Willow. [Creative Little Garden]
Intimate performances by NYC’s finest up-and-coming musicians, folk and “unplugged” indie rock, free refreshments.

Music Schedule

2:00 pm. Honeycrush 
2:30 pm. Sister
3:00 pm. Quinn Devlin
3:30 pm. Pearla

First Street Green Cultural Park, 33 E 1st Street (east of 2nd Ave)

Jazz produced by Arts for Art

Sun 10/8, 2 pm. Laubrock / Rainey. [First Street Green]
Ingrid Laubrock – reeds,
​Tom Rainey – drums.

Sun 10/8, 3 pm. Holmes / Sandoval. [First Street Green]
Patrick Holmes – clarinet,
Sarah Sandoval – dance.

Sun 10/8, 4 pm. Devin Brahja Waldman Quartet. [First Street Green]
Devin Brahja Waldman – sax,
Sam Newsome – soprano sax,
Shayna Dulberger – bass,
Michael TA Thompson – drums.

DeColores Community Yard and Cultural Garden, 311 E 8th St (between Ave B & Ave C)

Sun 10/8, 2 pm. Poetry: Garden of Words, Garland of Song. [DeColores]
An afternoon of poetry and music: Sparrow, Alexandra Egan, Filip Marinovich, the Truffles and special guests.


Sun 10/8, 4 pm. Head Peddlers and Santo. [DeColores]

Sun 10/8, 5 pm. David Barish. [DeColores]

Sun 10/8, 6 pm. TheaterA Bloody Business: INNOVATION IN SURGERY AND HOPE FOR THE HUMAN HEART with Dr. Christiaan Barnard. [DeColores]
In 1967, Dr. Christiaan Barnard stunned the world when the then-unknown South African became the first surgeon to transplant a human heart. In this speech, entitled A BLOODY BUSINESS: INNOVATION IN SURGERY AND HOPE FOR THE HUMAN HEART, Dr. Barnard details the incredible events that led to his breakthrough, and outlines what he predicts will be a bright future for the human race.

Le Petit Versailles Garden, 247 E 2nd St (west of Ave C)

Sun 10/8, 6 pm. Tassles on Tassles. [Le Petit]
Multi-disciplinary project combining dance and fabric art to create a unique and immersive experience for visitors to the community.

Green Oasis Community Garden, 370 E 8th St (between Ave C & Ave D)


Sun 10/8, 6 pm. V/CVictor and Carmine laying down the dew. [Green Oasis]

Sun 10/8, 7 pm. “Sylvain Leroux & Source” [Green Oasis]
Sylvain Leroux: Fula flute, flute, alto sax, donzo ngoni
Alexis Marcello: keyboards
Mamadou Ba: bass
Sean Dixon: drums

Sun 10/8, 8 pm. Ray Santiago – Afro Cuban Jazz. [Green Oasis]