Wednesday October 4, 2023

DeColores Community Yard and Cultural Garden, 311 E 8th St (between Ave B & Ave C)

Wed 10/4, 7 pm. Film: “Medium Hot” [DeColores]
In 2004, the Republicans came to NYC for their convention, and we made “Medium Hot”.
The Village Voice — “You didn’t know it, but Medium Hot was shot on dislocation during the convention.”

Green Oasis Community Garden, 370 E 8th St (between Ave C & Ave D)

Wed 10/4, 8 pm. Theater: “ELEGY FOR AN UNDERGROUND PLAYWRIGHT” [Green Oasis]
The historic essentials of Robert Patrick. Join us for performance of original short plays by gay downtown theater pioneer of the 1960’s, Robert Patrick, who died this year. Presented by Jason Trucco.