LUNGS CSA Fresh Food Bag meeting this Saturday

We will be meeting this Saturday June 20, at noon at DeColores Garden, E.8th St Btwn Aves B & C, to make plans for this year’s LUNGS Fresh Food Bag CSA.

The program is going to begin Sunday, June 28 at Campos Garden on E.12th St.

Please come or send a rep from your garden to this meeting on Saturday. We will have signup sheet for the first week’s CSA. We will also ask garden reps to come up with a list of their gardeners who want to begin the program the first week and the money to place the order.

The program will continue to operate as it has for the last two years; as a, week to week, $10 per order, program. Once again we are working with the Acevedos Family Farm from Orange County.

The first five Sundays, through July, the program will operate out of Campos Garden on E.12th St between Aves B & C.

We need bags! Last year we supplied bags at the beginning of the season and they all disappeared by the end. So please bring good sturdy bags that can carry 10 pounds of produce. Again, we are going to have honey as a separate order and we are discussing ordering eggs.

We need people to volunteer to make this program possible. If you are able to contribute some time, please join us.

In August we will move to Green Oasis. In September Orchard Alley will host the program. El Jardin del Paraiso has offered to host October. The CSA will end at La Plaza Cultural in November.

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