The new GreenThumb license has caused an uproar

LUNGS, the New York City Community Garden Coalition and MORUS are holding a city-wide Town Hall to discuss the license agreement.
Please send a garden rep.

The Town Hall is this Saturday, May 18 from 11am-1pm at St Mark’s Church, 131 E.10th St at Second Ave.

Our gardens are being told to sign this is a four-year agreement. Separate garden meetings across the City have been raised many concerns about this new license

We urge your garden NOT to sign this license at this time.

We are asking community gardeners to come together for this Town Hall. We want to discuss the issues, formulate a united response and a develop a strategy.

The new license and the changes from the old one be found on the LUNGS website HERE.

This new license contains many new regulations, restrictions and obligations that are being forced upon gardeners. GreenThumb appears to be taking on the role of an enforcement agency rather than garden-friendly enablers.

This very is disconcerting to gardeners who volunteer their time and spend their own money to maintain city property.

GreenThumb requires that the garden reps make all gardeners aware of the contents of the new license agreement.

Gardens are being asked to sign this license as soon as tomorrow, May 13. Again, we urge you not to sign the license.

We have not had enough time to study this agreement and request that GreenThumb slow up this entire process.

It took the City more then four months to put this license together. Gardeners should be allowed more than one month to evaluate a document we are being asked to sign.

We have asked gardens to discuss the new GreenThumb license with your membership. We are compiling gardens’ responses.
Please send your garden’s licensing questions/issues to