Garden Details

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Garden Information

Main details about this community garden

Garden Name
El Sol Brillante
Garden Address
522-528 E 12th St, New York, NY 10009
Cross Streets
Between Ave A & Ave B
Garden by Street
12th Street
Garden Established

Garden Communications

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Garden Email
info AT
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Garden Mission
The mission of El Sol Brillante is to nurture an inclusive garden in New York’s East Village by offering community and educational programs, tenancy of garden plots, and communal gardening. We promote nature and ecology amidst the city pavement.
Garden Description

See El Sol Brillante’s About page.

Open Hours Season
Open Hours

Whenever a garden member is there and the gate is unlocked.

Membership Information

Membership requirements:

  1. $30 annual dues.
  2. Show up to at least three meetings per gardening season.
  3. Volunteer 20 hours each gardening season.

For details, visit El Sol Brillante’s Membership page.

Garden Plots
Yes, Short Waiting List
Garden Size
10,324 sq ft
Garden Features

Wrought-iron fence, artwork by Julie Dermansky 1993.
Large round stone fire pit.
Mural on the back wall.
Bokashi composting system with Down to Earth Garden.
Large open shed with pull-down projector screen and rollout awning.
Rain barrels next to the shed.

Gardening Area

Twenty-nine garden plots assigned to members.
Common areas are almost all of the perimeter and a small section in the middle of the garden.

Yes, Public drop-off, Limited hours
Composting Details

Public food scraps drop-off only when the garden is open. This garden does the bokashi method, therefore, drop-off food scraps into their white or yellow 20-gallon containers with a red lid.

The composting system is combined with that of Down to Earth Garden’s. For details, visit Down to Earth Garden’s Composting page.

Regular Garden Activities

Bokashi composting, watering, mulching of plant clippings and branches, tree pruning, etc.

Events include Story Time July by the Tompkins Square Library, Poetry in the Garden, Jazz in the Garden, etc.

Garden Trees

Poplar, peach tree, almond tree, apple tree, junipers, Japanese maple, 3 fig trees, magnolia tree, 2 cherry trees, … .

Large overhanging tree, Sophora japonicum (rel. Styphnolobium japonicum), from Sauer Park to the east of the garden, creates a considerable amount of shade during the summer over the eastern part of the garden.

Garden History on Website
Garden Bylaws on Website
Garden Rules on Website
Posted in garden shed
Garden Guidelines on Website
Posted in garden shed
Active During Winter Season

Bokashi composting, soil prep (incl. bokashi trenching), leaf spreading as ground cover, post-harvest activities (cutting down dead plants, hand-mulching them or to be used with bokashi composting), rat patrolling, tree pruning, … .

Sunlight Profile

None currently available.

Neighbors and Relations

Twice each year, the garden does a fundraiser involving the neighborhood, local small businesses (their contributions of food, drinks, and other materials), and musicians for the benefit of the garden as a public open green space.