Welcome to the LUNGS Third Annual Harvest Arts Festival

Up Against the Wall, Mother Nature!

Welcome to the LUNGS Third Annual Harvest Arts Festival.

This year things are a bit different, we’re going on a little walkabout with 100,000 of our best friends in the world.

The LUNGS Festival usually consists of two days of arts and workshops in the gardens. This year most of that is happening on Saturday.

This year’ the Festival coincides with the largest environmental demonstration in history, the People’s Climate March.

So we have joined hands in solidarity with the March folks and on Sunday this Festival is officially on its Feet as we walk the streets of New York for Mother Earth.

We know climate change first hand on the Lower East Side. Close your eyes and remember Sandy.

A full moon night, the East River ran down Avenue C, three feet deep. A cop car floated down the street. A flash of light — an explosion and the Con Ed plant on 14th St. BLEW up. Con Ed blew UP!

The East River took sweet revenge after all those years of that plant belching pollution into the sky and spewing discharge into the river. How’s your asthma today Johnnie?

What was in the water? Wet, toxic mange. Crap everywhere. Homes and businesses flooded. No electricity for a week, folks had no running water. The elderly were trapped in their apartments, no food, no water. The elevators couldn’t run. They couldn’t flush their toilets.

Gardens were destroyed, Trees came down. Today willow trees are still dying. Sandy cost New York City $19 Billion. The mayor was a billionaire, but he couldn’t even save Halloween.

This year rising sea levels forced the Carteret people to evacuate their island in Papua New Guinea, forever.

So on Sunday we March with people from all over the world, to represent.

We know community gardens are one solution to Climate Change—green space, open space, community, that’s what we need. We have to secure the gardens that we have, so they will not disappear to development and make more green space available to people. This is one small, simple solution that New York City can do address a global problem.
We have to the March on Sunday.

At 12:58 the entire March will go absolutely silent for two minutes,
At One PM we will joyously make NOISE!

At end of the March on 11th Avenue there will be music, food, art, talking and a jubilation celebration of earthly delights.

This year’s Festival features many climate change workshops and meetups of activists in gardens and our good neighbors.
We have amazing talent this year performing, singing, dancing, painting– We are so happy to have Bread and Puppet Theater present The Anti Tar Sands Manifesto Pageant.

Please enjoy yourself on Saturday; and come and March with us on Sunday! We are too close to March in our own city and too close to this issue not to participate. This is going to be the largest Climate Change March in history, it’s going to be a massive demonstration righteous family love for Mother Earth. You’ve got to be there.

Charles Krezell

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