Workshops, Hubs, and a Walking Tour

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) — 155 Avenue C
Saturday, September 20
12 pm
Free Lower East Side Sustainable Community & Garden Tour

Come learn how sustainable grassroots community projects have ignited social change and policy change in NYC. Hear about different sustainable subjects, like how community bicycle activism changed the whole city to a more safe and sustainable design with bike-lanes, auto-free plazas and greenways. Come walk through the beautiful community gardens of the East Village started by activists, like the Green Guerrillas whom threw seed bombs into abandoned lots that then flourished into lush community gardens. Learn about recycling, composting, and bicycle activism and how the city adapted to the sustainable concepts that started in the Lower East Side.

HUBBA– HUB sites allowed organizers to coordinate outreach, projects and actions related to the march and beyond with whoever they wanted – whether they shared a home city, a skill set, a common identity, or an issue they cared about most. The goal was to connect people to each other and together bring in more like themselves! Each hub has tools that help organizers communicate and build together – before the march and after.

El Sol Brillante, on south side of E.12th St, Aves A & B
Saturday, September 20
11am to 1pm- Bokashi composting workshops
With Shig Matsukawa and Susan Greenfield

Children’s Garden, E.12th St & Ave B
Saturday, September 20
2-4pm Bokashi composting workshops
with Susan Greenfield and Shig Matsukawa

Campos Gardens, E.12th St, Aves B & C
Saturday, September 20
1-3 pm GrowNYC cooking demonstrations and recipes
by Kathleen Crosby and NYC’s Office of Recycling Outreach and Education demonstrating composting techniques.

Carolyn Zezima, This workshop addresses various techniques of gardening in small spaces including raised beds and straw bale gardening, using Campos’ Children’s Garden as an onsite example.

Aziz Dehkan, Executive Director of NYCCGC, moderates a conversation with East Village gardeners who grow food for their own table. This panel will include discussion about growing food by ordinary people in NYC of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds & its effect on a wide range of topics, gardening techniques, grassroots awareness of the climate, and community building. Members of Campos Community Garden will provide tastings of dishes prepared from ingredients grown at the host garden.

Toyota Children’s Garden, 11th St Btwn Aves B & C
Saturday, September 20
4pm HUB Elders Our mission is to organize and empower elders to take action on climate change on behalf of our grandchildren and their children. We plan to encourage and support local elders’ climate change action groups, as well as make our voice heard at the national level.

La Plaza Cultural, Ave C & 9th St
Saturday, September 20
10:45-12:15pm New York City Urban Farming: Growing a Just Food System, Barbara Sibley, Onika Abraham, Anandi Premlall, Mark Dunlea, LUNGS

12:30-2pm Reimagining Science and Engineering for 21st Century Struggles Darshan Karwat, American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

Firemen’s Memorial Garden, East 8th St, C & D
Saturday, September 20
10:45 am Nonviolence Civil Disobedience Training
New York City Community Garden Coalition Brunch and Workshops
Noon Green Thumb
1pm NYCCGC Past, Present and Future
3pm 596 Acres
NYCCGC brunch/workshops morning
4pm HUB Climate impacted Shorefront Communities
Bring together people across communities affected by climate disasters. Having lived through a climate change disaster, we demand our leaders take bold action to ensure our communities are safer and more resilient. Together we can show our communities will continue to work together to make sure the recovery addresses the underlying issues, not just a return to the status quo.

Green Oasis and Gilbert’s Sculpture Garden, 8th St C & D
Saturday, September 20
11 am – noon Workshop-Green Mapmaking for Climate Health Wendy Brawer–Solutionary projects and places are all around us. You can make it easy to find sustainable, ecological and social resources for climate-smart living by creating a Green Map – it’s a great way to help your community members and visitors get involved and take action everyday. This workshop will introduce the award-winning adaptable tools and icons now used by youth and adults in 65 countries to collaboratively make printed, mural and interactive Green Maps. We’ll give you maps take home and if you have a smartphone or tablet, bring it.

6B Garden, Ave B & 6th St
Saturday, September 20
10 am to 12pm Typewritten Tales brought to you by FABnyc!
Share a story about LES history, environmental and otherwise, through a unique typewritten note, memory, or letter. Hang your note on a clothesline for others to see and enjoy! (All ages)

with Christine Cameron, Jewelry-making workshop where you learn to make a beautiful piece you can take home or give away.

4pm -The HEMP HUB–Going to Pot Or The Next Environmental Solution?
Brooke Demos will host a gathering to learn about the MANY uses of hemp, it’s history and why it is illegal to grow in the USA. AND, sign up to advocate for the re-legalization of industrial hemp. She is a current member of the Hemp Industries Association and an avid hemp enthusiast! As an artist focusing on the environmental blight of the plastic shopping bag, she weaves used plastic shopping bags into beautifully functional and decorative art works.

Sunday, SEPTEMBER 21
1:00 to 4:00 pm DRAWING IN THE GARDEN WITH A MODEL This event has become so beloved that we’ve decided to supply basic art materials (but best to bring your own)! Artists of all skills and interests get a rare chance

6BC Botanical Garden, 6th St Btwn Aves B & C
Friday, September 19
6pm till 8pm Rebecca Singer will lead a free meditation workshop in the 6BC Garden. Slow down, breathe, feel the rhythms of the earth!!!

El Jardin del Paraiso, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D
Saturday, September 20
10:30-3:30pm Decolonizing Climate Justice
Free University–Decolonize Climate Justice is a call to transform our ideas, practices, and organizing to protect the earth and its inhabitants from ecological, economic, and political devastation.

Orchard Alley, 4th St Btwn Aves C & D
Saturday, September 20
10:45-12:15pm Know Your Rights For Climate Justice
Activists, Lauren Regan, Civil Liberties Defense Center

12:30-2pm Organizing a Week of Resistance to Fossil
Fuel Infrastructure Lee Stewart, John Abbe,
Great March for Climate Action

4pm HUB Tar Sands Bloc
Tar sands exploitation has been called “game over for the climate” by NASA climatologist James Hansen, and it is devastating communities. But everywhere, communities are fighting back, from the Indigenous resistance in the extraction sacrifice zones to the communities along pipelines routes and next to refineries and export terminals– and we’re are going to keep fighting until it’s stopped at the source. This space is for people who support a future free from tar sands oil. The Tar Sands Bloc supports the Indigenous People’s Bloc and front line communities leading the fight against tar sands.

Miracle Garden, 3rd St Aves A & B
Saturday, September 20
4pm HUB Boston
We want to connect folks who came from Boston so we can keep working together after the march!

Peach Tree Garden, 2nd St Btwn Aves B & C
Saturday, September 20
4pm HUB Indigenous Peoples Indigenous Peoples’ traditional teachings have long warned that if human beings failed to protect and care for Mother Earth and the natural world, the survival of humanity would be threatened. Today, increasingly severe impacts of climate change threaten ecosystems and food production around the world and Indigenous Peoples are on the frontlines of climate change impacts. Indigenous Peoples are participating in the People’s Climate March to bring attention to the devastating impacts of climate change and to share our hopes and teachings for living in harmony with Mother Earth.

Kenkeleba House Garden, 2nd St Btwn Aves B & C
Saturday, September 20
4pm HUB California
We want to connect folks who came from California so we can keep working together after the march!

Children’s Magical Garden, 129 Stanton St at Norfolk St
Saturday, September 20
10:45-12:15pm Mobilizing Families and Children for Climate
Action, Dave Finnigan, Climate Change is Elementary

M’Funga Kalinda Community Garden, Rivington St Btwn Christie & Forsyth
Saturday, September 20
10:45-12:15pm People’s Movement Assemblies and the
U.S. Social Forum as Tools for Transformation
Angela Vogel, Walda Katz-Fishman, Alfredo Lopez, Rob Robinson| US Social Forum

12:30-2pm Climate Justice in the Workplace
Mathew Plummer, 99 Pickets

4pm HUBs
HUB: White Anti-Racist (Climate) Activists
The current climate movement is racially-segregated. Most large climate and environmental organizations are primarily white and get most of the funding. The environmental justice movement is primarily people of color and gets little funding. However,the effects of climate change will primarily fall on communities of color. All of this is morally unacceptable and politically ineffective. Race is always used to divide social movements. A racially-segregated movement simply will not win. Besides, the people most effected by a problem should have the largest voice in solving it. To succeed, many of us believe our movement should follow the lead of communities of color. This Hub is a space for us white anti-racist activists to network, share our lessons and support one another in doing this work. Please help us demonstrate and enlarge the community of white anti-racist activists to eliminating racism in the climate/sustainability movement.

HUB: Great March for Climate Action: a community of people walking across the country, from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., to raise awareness and inspire action on the climate crisis. As we walk across the nation we collaborate with frontline communities, activist organizations, and individuals from all walks of life to address local environmental and climate concerns. Every day on the march we learn lessons from the earth and from the people we meet, many of whom are directly impacted by climate change and have already begun implementing solutions. Our hope is to amplify their voices to evoke systematic change.

Liz Christy Garden Houston, btwn Bowery & Stanton Sts
Saturday, September 20
1pm Picturesque Landscape Design and the Use of Evergreens
with Penny Jones

3pm Shade Plants and Foliage Color with Penny Jones

Albert’s Garden, A 2nd St btwn Bowery & Second Ave.
Saturday, September 20
4pm HUB: Public Health The threats from climate change are not only damaging to our earth’s health, but also our human health. These threats are multiple and increasingly becoming more severe. We are a group of public health, mental health, and other health professionals as well as health advocates and activists dedicated to educating the public on the public health, mental health and medical effects of climate change and for advocating for strong action on climate change.

LaGuardia Corner Gardens, LaGuardia Pl btwn Bleecker & Houston
Saturday, September 20
1 pm –Beekeeping Workshop with Barbara Cahn

4pm HUB: Beekeepers Climate Change is a major factor in the crisis of bee colony collapse – making bees off-sync with flowering plants, subjecting them to unfavorable flight conditions, vulnerable to temperature extremes, and besieged by aggressive hive-killing mites. If the bees go — we go! Together with Rev. Billy of The Church of Stop Shopping, we will mobilize beekeepers in the quad-state area to draw attention to the realities of Climate Change they are witnessing first hand.

Elizabeth St Garden, Elizabeth St Btwn Prince and Spring Sts
Saturday, September 20
2:15-3:45pm The Climate Ribbon: A Creative Ritual for Climate Justice, Rae Abileah, Andrew Boyd, Gan Golan | Beautiful Trouble

4pm HUBs Yoga and Spirituality & Vegans
HUB: Yoga For thousands of years, yogis and spiritual seekers have studied and followed this ethical principle. As present-day yoga and spiritual practitioners, we continue to study and shape our lives based on ahimsa. Because we understand that the material and spiritual worlds, mind and matter, are connected, we seek non-violence not only in our actions, but also in our words and thoughts. We seek to live in harmonious alignment with one another and Nature. As such, we cannot ignore the great harms being inflicted upon the Earth and our fellow sentient beings (whether they are personally known to us or not) as a result of man-made climate change. Such harms include the loss of human, animal, and marine lives, as well as damage to property, due to extreme weather patterns, super storms, drought, floods, fires, receding glaciers, and the rising levels and acidification of the oceans.
HUB: Vegans One of the most powerful personal tools to fight climate change is one’s fork. Spreading the power of choosing vegan for those who care (about the planet, about life) is an essential component of anything that claims to be about healing the environment.

St. Marks Church, 131 E 10th St
Saturday, September 20
9-10:30 Convergence Roundtable | Richard Monje,
Maureen Taylor, Cathy Sampson-Kruse,
Tarik Kauff | Global Climate Convergence

10:45-12:15pm Building a Unified Movement for People,
Planet, Peace over Profit, Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala, Lauren Regan, Margaret Flowers, Jacqui Patterson, Nancy Romer, George
Martin| Global Climate Convergence

Green and Red: Nature Bats Last,
Ben Manski, Cheri Honkala, Art Shegonee,
Howie Hawkins, Gloria Mattera | Liberty Tree Foundation

2:15-3:45pm A Global Climate Strike: What will it take?
Leland Pan, Jill Stein, Victor Wallis, Cheri Honkala
Liberty Tree Foundation

Graffiti Church, 205 E7th St 1st Floor
Saturday, September 20
9-10:30 A Green Political Alternative to the Two Parties of Capital, Howie Hawkins, Brian Jones, Kshama Sawant, New York State Green Party, International Socialist Organization

10:45-12:15pm She Who Watches
Tsagaglalal (suh-GOGla-lal) | Cathy Sampson-Kruse, Mariah Morning Rose Sampson | Walla Walla Tribe of the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla -Oregon,

12:30-2pm You Are Here: Mapping the Fracking Boom
in New York State, Patrick Robbins, Asha Canalos, Maura Stephens, Anne Marie Garti, Sane Energy Project

2:15-3:45pm Apocalypse How? Climate Change, the Political-Economy of Energy, and Reigniting the Radical Imagination | Arun Gupta, Eddie Yuen, Doug Henwood, Frances Fox Piven

4-5:305pm Labor and the Fight for a Just Transition to an Ecologically Sustainable Society, Jeremy Brecher, Bruce Hamilton, Carole Ramsden, Sean Petty, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy Decolonizing Climate Justice, Free University

Graffiti Church, 205 E7th St 2nd Fl
Saturday, September 20
9-10:30 Latin American Social Movements, Climate Justice, and Indigenous Rights, JuanCarlos Soriano, Martin Vilela, Catty Quispe
Rivera (Peru) Lorena del Carpio Suarez (Peru)

10:45-12:15pm The Front-lines: Perspectives from the Global South, Isso Nihmei (Pacific Islands), Martin Mullally (Argentina), Juan Pedro Chang (Peru), Fatimata Niang Diop (Senegal) 350

12:30-2pm Climate Justice: Perspectives from Africa and Southeast Asia, Omer Madra, Mithika Mwenda, Kranti LC, Des D’sa (South Africa), Vaishali Patil (India), 350

2:15-3:45pm What Now for Climate Justice? Proposing
Radical Climate Justice for the 2015 Global Climate Treaty
John Foran, Richard Widick, Lidy Nacpil, Michael Dorsey, Patrick Bond, International Institute of Climate Action and Theory, System Change Not Climate Change

Sixth Street Community Center, 638 E 6th St # 4,
Saturday, September 20
9-10:30 The Climate Crisis is a Democracy Crisis: Why We Need a Democratic Revolution in the U.S.
Adam Portman, Leland Pan, Suren Moodliar, Virginia Rasmussen,
George Martin, Liberty Tree Foundation

10:45-12:15pm Politics of Renewable Energy, Brian Tokar,
Rachel Smolker, Anya Schoolman, Institute for Social Ecology

12:30-2pm Native American Voices from the Front Lines of the Climate Justice Movement, Brian Ward, Vanessa Braided Hair, Jihan Gearon, System Change Not Climate Change, ISO

2:15-3:45pm An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States Ragina Johnson, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, System Change Not Climate Change

4-5:30pm Native American Resistance in the 21st Century: Idle No More and the Climate Justice Movement Ragina Johnson, EricaViolet Lee, Brian Ward, ISO, Idle No More

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces (MoRUS)
Video Room, 155 Avenue C
Saturday, September 20
10:45-12:15pm Visual Realities of Climate Change: Food,
Communities, and Landscapes, Mia MacDonald, Hazel Zhang, Carolyn Monastra, Wanqing Zhou, Brighter Green

12:30-2pm Performing the Climate Movement; Strategies For Sting Narrative in Climate Performance, Elizabeth Doud, Fund Art

2:15-3:45pm How To Build System Change Not Climate Change Zack Rosenblatt, Laura Bartkowiak, Claire Arkin, System Change Not Climate Change

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces (MoRUS)
Main Space, 155 Avenue C,
Saturday, September 20
10:45-12:15pm Stories of Resistance: Confronting Extreme
Energy & the Infrastructure of Climate Change, Maura Stephens, Steve Horn, Valerie Jean, Patrick Robbins, Karen Feridun
System Change Not Climate Change

12:30-2pm Wangari Maathai: The Green Belt Movement’s Environmental Legacy and Future, Lauren Berger, Mia MacDonald,Lisa Merton, Wanjira Mathai | The Green Belt Movement

2:15-3:45pm Sharing Your Story to Move the Movement!
Cherri Foytlin, Bryan Parras, Karen Savage, Life Support Project/ Bridge the Gulf Project

4-5:30pm Water Wars: Cochabamba, Gaza, Detroit
Oscar Olivera, Valerie Blakely, Yasmine Kamel
System Change Not Climate Change

6:15 pm History of Grassroots Environmental Activism in NYC
Learn how sustainable grassroots community projects have ignited social change and policy change in NYC. Hear about different sustainable subjects, like how community bicycle activism changed the whole city to a more safe and sustainable design with bike-lanes, auto-free plazas and greenways. Learn the history of the Green Guerrillas throwing seed bombs into abandoned lots that then flourished into lush community gardens. There are many examples of how community-based activism became a part of sustainable NYC, from recycling to composting to urban design. Hosted by the MORUS with conversation and video screening by Wendy Brawer of Green Maps and Bill DiPaola of Time’s Up Environmental Organization.


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