Today’s Schedule for LUNGS Harvest Arts Fest Friday, September 20

Friday, September 20

–Climate Strike! Arts/Crafts and Bling! A Cosmic Walk! Puppets!!! COMEDY!


12pm • Assemble at Foley Square

1pm • March to Battery Park

3:30–5pm • Rally at Battery Park On Friday, September 20, three days before the UN Climate Change Summit in NYC, young people and adults will strike all across the US and world to demand transformative action be taken by our world’s governments to address the climate crisis. New York City’s youth will join this global movement, exerting pressure on the September 23rd UN Climate Change Summit. No longer can we allow the fossil fuel and agricultural lobbies to control the climate change debate. Instead, we are holding our governments morally accountable to youth and the already numerous victims of the crisis. Join us!

Carmen Pab on Del Amanecer Jardin

117 Ave C (7th & 8th Sts)

4:30–6pm • Arts & Crafts with Kelly Pryor & Jewelry Demonstration with Joan Reinmuth

Campos Community Garden

640 E12th St (Aves B & C)

9pm–Midnight • Cosmic Meditative Walk. The Cosmic Walk is a meditative walking ritual that helps us embrace the current scientific knowledge of our 14-billion-yearold Universe into our hearts and our minds.

De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center

313 E 8th St (Aves B & C)

7pm–8:30pm The Midnight Radio Show, Shadow Puppets a multi-disciplinary collective based in Brooklyn. Using hand-made shadow puppets, live performance, video content, and an actual radio show, they broadcast real magical love to children of all ages.


84 Ave B (6th St)

8pm • Comedy. Come LAUGH in the garden with three comedians: hard-hitting Paola Dattner, part-embryo,part grandmother Carolyn Kitay, and humane/insane Janine Squillari.

Today’s Schedule for the LUNGS Harvest Arts Fest Thursday, September 19

Community Garden Rally 10am on the steps of City Hall.

The gardens continueto be under attack. Our strength is in unity; and ourgoal is to promote the robust preservation of New York City’s community gardens. All gardeners, friends ofgardens and residents of Mother Earth are urged tojoin us. Let’s rally together! WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY GARDENS. Show the world how you feel! 10am City Hall!

Campos Community Garden

640 E12th St (Aves B & C)

7pm • Stand-up Comedy Garden Variety presented by Nick Probst and Ellington Berg, featuring: Brian Bahe, Peter Murray, Veronica Garza, Gus Constantellis and DoRi Dimplez.

Children’s Garden

194 Ave B (12th St)4–7pm • Bokashi composting workshop with E. Shig Matsukawa. We’ll use the bokashi fermented food waste (FFW) by adding to soil (ground and planters).

De Colores Community Yard &Cultural Center

313 E 8th St (Aves B & C) Today’s musical program is dedicated to the memory of Tim Schellenbaum

5:3 0 p m • HOWL ARTS Presents Modern flute music with Jesse Goldberg, piano and Shannon Vandzura, flute.

7pm • HOWL ARTS Presents Elliott Sharp’s Bootstrappers with Dave Hofstra (bass), Don McKenzie(drums).

Dias y Flores

520 E 13th St (Aves A & B)

5–6pm • Mind Guided Meditation session.


84 Ave B (6th St)

5:30pm • Garden Pests and Soils Q&A with SamAnderson from Cornell Cooperative Extension.

7pm • Science IN & BEYOND the City, with studentsfrom the Berkov tropical ecology lab at the City College of New York:

LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival Schedule Today, Wednesday, September 18

Wednesday September 18

Carmen Pabon Del Amanecer Jardin

117 Ave C (7th & 8th Sts)

6–7:30pm • Jim Flynn performs “Ambient Harp Music”. Social Justice Singer, Song Writer, sponsored by Art Loisaida Foundation.

Children’s Garden

194 Ave B (12th St)

12–7:30pm • Bokashi composting workshop with E. Shig Matsukawa. We’ll manage our food waste dropoff using different techniques with bokashi.

De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center

313 E 8th St (Aves B & C)

7pm • Stand-up Comedy with Cordero and Company. Featuring Andre D. Thomson, Zubi Ahmed, Jared Waters, Von Mycheal and Jarrod Fortune.


84 Ave B (6th St)

7pm • Ecological City Slideshow Celebrate grassroots climate solutions with Felicia Young’s spectacular slideshow of the 2019 Ecological City: Procession for Climate Solutions.


616 E9th St (Aves B & C)

7:30–8pm sharp • A performance by Theresa Byrnes, FRESH. Every piece of plastic manufactured on Earth is still with us. Living forever is something we assume, until we learn of death. We want to be remembered. We fear vanishing without a trace. I propose that plastic is a sacred object to be contemplated. We should treat plastic with reverence and not thoughtlessness.

Today’s Harvest Arts Festival Tuesday, September 17

Tuesday September 17

El Jardin del Paraiso

706 E 4th St (Aves C & D)

10:35–11:35am • Kids’ day in El Jardin, painting shingles to go onto the children’s toolshed, putting perennial seed heads into the E. 4th Street tree pits; formal placement of tree-name plaques onto 4th Street tree guards; brief walk and talk thru medicinal/pollinator plot.

Green Oasis

370 E 8th St (Aves C & D)

7:30pm • Movie Night. Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Miracle Garden

194 E 3rd St (Aves A & B)

7:30–9:30pm • Non-Human Persons. Video projection by Miah Artola. Her drawings, films and animations of a variety of animal and sea life. Visit

6–7:30pm • Gabriel Royal. Singer/songwriter/cellist beautifully fuses R&B, Jazz, and Classical elements to create an entirely original sound. Check out YouTube, Gabriel Royal.


84 Ave B (6th St)

7pm • Marlis Momber film. Marlis Momber’s 1978 documentary about the LES, Viva Loisaida, chronicles what life was like for the director and her fellow immigrants in the mid 1970s.

Today’s LUNGS Harvest Fest Schedule, Monday, September 16

Children’s Garden, 194 Ave B (12th St)4–7pm • Bokashi composting workshop with E. Shig Matsukawa. We’ll make the bokashi fermentation starter.

Siempre Verde, 181 Stanton St (Attorney St)5-7pm • Go Green Map! Curious about creating a GreenMap with your neighborhood, school or group? Come& find out how to use adaptable youth & communityresources to map sustainability, generate climate& support a greener, healthier city! Rain cancels this event

Theater for the New City Gallery,155 First Ave (9th & 10th Sts)6–8:30pm • Mom and Pop Storefront photo workshop.Opening Reception, Capturing the Faces & Voices ofMom-and-Pop Storefronts. Curated by James and KarlaMurray, featuring the work of 26 photographers.

Today’s LUNGS Festival Schedule, Sunday, September 15

Sunday, September 15

Campos Community Garden,640 E 12th St (Aves B & C)

4pm • The Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre Czech and Slovak Tales with Strings Vít Hořejš and over a dozen 200-year-old marionettes

Children’s Magical Garden,129 Stanton St (Norfolk St)

1:30PM–5PM • Arts for Art presents In Gardens Programs of free jazz, poetry, dance, justice.

1:30pm • Nick Lyons. Nick Lyons—alto sax, Bill Payne — clarinet, Adam Lane —bass, Michael Wimberly—percussion.

2:30pm • Poetry Tributes to Steve Cannon. Nancy Mercado—poetry, Poonam Srivastava—poetry.

3:30pm • Karen Borca Trio Karen Borca—bassoon, Hilliard Greene—bass, Jackson Krall—drums.

4:30pm • We Feel Quartet Luke Stewart, Daniel Carter—horns, woodwinds; No Land—poetry; Miriam Parker—dance.

DeColores, 313 E.8th St. Noon-2pm

Barbaric Yawps and Sea Shanties.  An afternoon of song and improv dance confronting Walt Whitman’s America and the concept of folk.

Dias y Flores,520 E 13th St (Aves A & B)

12–2PM • Acoustic Jam with Victor, Carmine, and Pete

3pm • Kane Balser

Firemen’s Garden,358 E 8th St (Aves C & D)

1-5pm • RALLY PREP! GreenThumb License Teach-in and Poster/Banner Workshop with the New York City Community Garden Coalition to Prep for City Hall Community Garden Rally on Thursday, September 19 Rally at 10am. Gardeners Demand Respect and a Voice in Community Garden Policy!


East River Park Action Teach-in and Poster/Banner Workshop for March and Rally to SAVE EAST RIVER PARK on Saturday, September 21. This March begins at Noon at Tompkins Square Park. BURY THE PLAN/NOT THE PARK!

Green Oasis,370 E 8th St (Aves C & D)

3pm • Judy’s Troupe. A group of singers and singers/songwriters, trained by vocal coach Judy Hages, will perform their favorite covers as well as their own creations.

4pm Amza & Ayla, Beatbox, 21 Century Kids

5pm • Fiddler and Crossroads. Featuring Blues Hall-of-Fame fiddler, Greg Holt, with accordion player Neil Thomas, and Roger Stoltz on suitcase drums. Cajun/Americana Johnny Cash, Dylan, Elvis and other greats! Very danceable, high energy music!

6pm • Mathieu Eveillard. Breton singer-songwriter Mathieu’s rich and layered arrangements and emotionalvocals resonate on his latest album Petit Sauvage #1offering a wide exploration through a pop musical landscape.

7pm • Faith. Felice captures you with her soulful ballads,with rock/soul and reggae flair, with the raspiness of Nina Simone. Ms. Rosser “Sings in a voice both plangent and wailing” New York Times.

LaPlaza Cultural, Ave C & 9th St.

3-4pm MbiraNYC, African Percussion, Come listen, sing, dance to traditional music from Zimbabwe with MbiraNYC

Le Petite Versailles,274 E 2nd St (Aves B & C)

5–9pm • Museum Without Building. Finissage with Max-Louis Raugel and Aida Rebull. Curated by Sylvie Boulanger (CNEAI) and Nicholas Vargelis (LPV) with an homage to Yona Freidman composed by Max-Louis Raugel (sound) and Aída Rebull (video), taking the form of a study in abstract details and absurd coincidences or majestic events clumsily captured around the world.

Miracle Garden,194 E 3rd St (Aves A & B)

1–3pm • LUNGS CSA. Get your veggies on for only $10 per week. Stop by Miracle Garden any Sunday in September to sign up and pre-pay for the following week. The LUNGS CSA runs from July to November, in a new garden each month.

1–3pm • Baby Soda Jazz Band. New Orleans style, small ensemble improvisation, with a nod to Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Hoagy Carmichael, Harry Warren & the composers who created the great American songs of Tin Pan Alley. Visit

Orchard Alley, 354 E.4th St (Aves C & D)

10am • Free yoga class. Bring your own mat! We’ll have water! Instructor, Olivia Snyder-Spak.

2–6pm • Friendly Dominoes Tournament. Open to players of all ages, rating & strengths. Beverages, prizes, great fun!

Sam & Sadie Koenig,237 E 7th St (Aves C & D)

3–5pm • Art Show. Kathy Creutzburg & Anne ‘An Address’ Edris. Two local artists exhibit and discuss their use of material from the East River and everything repurposed throughout a flood zone.

6TH & B GARDEN, 84 Ave B (6th St)

2–4pm • Mexican Cooking Workshop Cook up a seasonal summer dish to celebrate Mexico’s Dia de la Independencia with Garden member Paula and the KIDS COOKING Workshop: Ages 5 & up.

4–5:30pm • KidPop Karaoke ala LES. Join garden kid musicians & chefs for live music/singing fun.

LUNGS 8th Annual Harvest Arts Festival SCHEDULE—Saturday, September 14

All People’s Garden293 E3rd St (Aves C & D)

4pm • The Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre Czech and Slovak Tales with Strings Vít Hořejš and over a dozen 200-year-old marionettes.

Campos Garden 640 E 12th St (Aves B & C)

2–5pm • East Village Wellness Circle. A give and or receive gathering focused on regenerative living andwhat makes us well.

Children’s Garden 194 Ave B (12th St)

12:30–2:30 • Bokashi composting workshop with E. Shig Matsukawa This workshop will focus on trenching/burying technique of bokashi fermented food waste. We will also make the microbial spray version for fermenting food waste.

Children’s Magical Garden 129 Stanton St (Norfolk St)

1:30PM–5PM • Arts for Art presents In Gardens Programs of free jazz, poetry, dance, justice.

1:30pm • Rob Brown / Juan Pablo Carletti Duo,Rob Brown—alto sax, Juan Pablo Carletti—drums.

2:30pm • Poetry Tributes to Steve Cannon, Luciann Berrios—poetry, Janice Lowe—poetry.

3:30pm Val Jeanty / Patricia Nicholson, Val Jeanty—percussion, Patricia Nicholson—dance.

4:30pm Wimberly, Ricks &Roland Trio, Michael Wimberly—drums, Waldron Ricks—trumpet, Larry Roland—bass.

Creative Little Garden 530 E 6th St (Aves A & B)

3:30–5:30pm • The East Village Poetry Salon. An afternoon of poetry and creative community.

Clinton St Garden 171 Stanton St (at Clinton)

12 : 0 0 – 5 p m • Friendly Dominoes Tournament. Open to players of all ages, rating & strengths. Beverages, prizes, great fun!


12–8pm • Eclectic music hosted by Elizabeth Rufand Karl Bateman

12pm • OpEd Original songs.

1pm • Brian Defiance of the Bloody Muffs. Original punk.

2pm • Tompkins Park Rumberos. Paz, Maximo Valdes, and friends.

3pm • The Head Peddlers. Karl Bateman and Elizabeth Ruf. Guitar and vocal duo.

4pm • Finn and His Rustkickers Original rock ‘n’ roll.

5pm • Spike Polite’s SeWagE Original punk rock.

6pm • Pupa Santiago Boricua Guitar Power

7pm • Jazz Bastards Aldo Perez, Jenny Lee Mitchell, and Glen Heroy.

8pm • Hootenanny Come one, come all!

Green Oasis370 E 8th St (Aves C & D)

4pm Amza & Ayla, Beatbox, 21 Century Kids

5pm • Opening Celebration of the 8th Annual LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival light refreshments and fun.

6pm • Michael Laderman Quartet with Guitarist/composer Jonathan Heagle, drummer Rishav Acharya and bassist Scott Fragala

7pm • Pete Margolis and friends Explore songwriting,vocal harmony and re-working of Americana classics from bluegrass to rock with Pete Margolis.

Le Petite Versailles 274 E 2nd St (Aves B & C)

7:30pm • Garrin Benfield Freestyle Acoustic Rock. His music is a blend of moody, guitar driven rock andpolyrhythmic groove all run through the filter of a veryserious Singer/Songwriter

M’Finda Kalunga 179 Chrystie St.( Rivington St.)

Noon • Children’s Events. Alisanne/Mary Clare

3–7pm • The Garden at the Edge of the Other Side of the World a soundscape installation by artist Gregory Lee Pickard. Behold: A “non-visual” work of art—consequentially equitable to the visually-impaired. From the edge of the other side of the world, wild Africa comes alive! Superimposed sounds of bird species, elephants, lions and monkeys of the African Congo abound within the garden site. This art event is more than mere amusement however, it’s a homage and commemorative to the African-American burial ground in which the garden takes it’s name.

Miracle Garden 94 E 3rd St (Aves A & B)

12–5pm • The Advisor Is in! Need to gain clarity and insights on your life? As a nod to Lucy van Pelt, Carolyn (who works as a Life Coach) will be doling out advice on any topic.


4pm • Los Fascinates old school salsa band…We’re dancing here!

6TH & B GARDEN 84 Ave B (6th St)

6:30pm • Vernas-Colas, Loomis & Shetler. Virtuoso guitarist Rudolph Vernas-Colas, singer-songwriter,Abe Loomis, and sultry vocalist Melissa Shetler weave together diverse strands of American music.

8th Annual LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival begins this Saturday, September 14

The Festival Schedule is up, check it out. It runs for 9 days and is jammed packed with goodness and gets as weird as it can. You are going to have a good time! FREE! Come and get it!

Saturday, September 14

Sunday, September 15

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept 16, 17 & 18

Thursday, September 19 & Friday, September 20

Saturday, September 21

Sunday, September 22

LUNGS remembers Brian Butterick aka Hattie Hathaway.

Our friend Brian was a poet, musician and performer that helped countless other artists find a platform for their work.

His impact on downtown nightlife is immeasurable. He helped found Wigstock and Night of a 1000 Stevies, was a Howl board member, and a great friend to LUNGS.

He bore the sadness and devastation caused by AIDS to this community with grace and demonstrations of love.

His genius, patience, sense of humor, and most importantly, his generosity will be remembered forever.

GreenThumb Garden Handbook changes by the NYC Parks Dept 8/16/19

To the New York City Community Garden Coalition and Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens:

At three meetings (June 17,2019;July 24,2019; and August 1,2019) with members of the NYC Parks staff,you shared your feedback about the GreenThumb license and handbook.As representatives of neighborhood gardens and as gardeners yourselves,you have decades of hands-on experience in community gardening, and we appreciate  that you have applied your expertise  to your critique of GreenThumb’s policies.

In response to your concerns and your requests for clarification on a number of items,we will insert the following new,clarifying language in the GreenThumb Handbook,and notify all gardeners of these changes:

•        Pets -Update: If a group wants to prohibit pets in its bylaws, it should contact its GreenThumb coordinator and request signage from GreenThumb. Gardens may not prohibit service animals under the federal, state, or local/ow.

•        Site inspections -Update:Outreach Coordinators will notify gardeners in advance of annual site inspections in order to invite them to attend the process, and we hope that garden groups will take this opportunity to participate in this annual event.

•        Handbook -updates Update: Any future changes will be added to the Gardeners’ Handbook on a quarterly basis (if needed) and announcements will be communicated on the GreenThumb website and social media,as well as directly to Ucensed garden groups via email and US Mail.

•        Abandonment:Update: Garden groups that have abandoned their gardens or are determined by GreenThumb to be unable or unwilling to address and rectify violations will be at risk of having their License Agreement terminated by GreenThumb, and their access to the garden revoked. Abandonment includes but is not limited to failing to maintain the garden,respond to correspondence, or hold required public hours and events.

•        Event submissions: Update: For any event that has not yet been scheduled as of the relevant submission date above, gardens must notify their GreenThumb Outreach Coordinator as soon as the event is scheduled. GreenThumb will make best efforts to expedite its review af these submissions and provide a response as soon as possible.

• Community Supported Agriculture: Update:GreenThumb community gardens on NYC Parks property can serve as distribution sitesfor externally grown produce distributed via Community-supported Agriculture programs {CSAs). Please note, however, that community gardens may not serve as the site of any financial transactions for CSAs unless all of the produce was grown on-site at o GreenThumb community garden or prior written approval has been provided  by NYC Parks.

In addition to these edits to the Handbook, please also note that  the 2019 licenses have been amended in two significant ways:

• Indemnification:The following language, which appeared in the 2016 license, has been removed and is not present in the 2019 license:Licensee shall forever defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City, its agents, representatives,and employees from and against any and all

1) claims for  damages by reason of injury to persons or damage to property, including  property of the City, arising from work or activities  of any nature performed by or on behalf of Licensee, whether pursuant  to this License or otherwise, and 2) liens and encumbrances which may be placed,filed, or recorded against the Garden as a result of work or other activities of any nature performed by or on behalf of Licensee, whether pursuant  to this License or otherwise and, when, as, and if any such lien or encumbrance is placed,filed, or recorded against the Garden, to immediately remove, satisfy, or otherwise discharge the same.

• Fundraising: Two fundraisers  are now permitted in GreenThumb gardens, subject to GreenThumb approval.

As you know, the deadline for gardens on parkland to sign licenses is August 19, 2019.We look forward to working with you following the conclusion of the licensing process.

Thank you for your commitment to NYC’s community gardens.

Patch covers the GreenThumb license issue

A new article in Patch About the GreenThumb license Here’s the link:

Community Garden Volunteers Fear Rule Changes Herald End Of Oases

Community garden volunteers are gearing up for a fight against the city’s new rules for how they operate.

By Sydney Pereira, Patch Staff
Aug 14, 2019 8:17 am ET | Updated Aug 14, 2019 10:19 am ET

La Plaza Cultural Community Garden on East Ninth Street and Avenue C.
La Plaza Cultural Community Garden on East Ninth Street and Avenue C. (Sydney Pereira/Patch)

EAST VILLAGE, NY — Community gardens’ custodians are gearing up for a battle against the city’s Parks Department over new rules they fear could threaten the future of the tranquil oases.

New licensing agreements for hundreds of community gardens impose rules that members say are overly onerous for the volunteer-run green spaces across the city – with many saying they make it difficult for them to survive.

The changes include requiring additional permitting for events in the gardens and would bar volunteers from planting new trees or pruning large limbs from existing one, according to details made available by the group Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens which advocates for gardens in the Lower East Side and East Village.

“New York City is threatening to throw gardeners out of community gardens,” the group’s website says.

“We’ve never had to give permission before to do anything in the gardens like that. That really limits things people can do in the garden,” said the head of LUNGS’ Charles Krezell. Opposition to licensing hasn’t been this widespread in decades, he added.

“It’s like they’re setting us up to somehow fail,” he said.

Gardeners have also raised concerns over who is liable if anybody is injured on the property, which remains unclear in the license text, they say.

A gardener at East Village garden La Plaza Cultural, Noreen Kelly, called the new licensing “ridiculous.”

“We’re all volunteers — so this is a difficult thing for us to triangulate,” said Kelly, who estimated there’s a dozen events per month at her garden, located at East Ninth Street and Avenue C.

Additional steps to schedule events would be a “serious time suck on all of us.”

The Parks Department said license renewals happen every four years and have small changes each cycle.

Parks spokesperson Dan Kastanis said “this cycle is no different,” emphasizing the benefits of the new rules, like increasing how many hours gardens are open and more events coordination with the city for safety purposes.

Kastanis said the changes “include making the gardens more accessible by keeping them open to the public during the weekend; allowing gardens to host more fundraising events so they can sustain themselves; and increasing safety by asking gardens to coordinate with Green Thumb ahead of planned events.”

Parks added after consultation with groups last year that most gardeners seemed fine with the licenses.

But some garden members see it as “an obvious attempt for them to try to [take] the land away from us,” said Kelly.

LUNGS published a laundry list of inconsistencies in the new agreement and handbook as well as recommendations for GreenThumb, the Parks Department entity that works with hundreds of gardens citywide. Some of those have been resolved — like allowing gardens to choose whether dogs are allowed and permitting farm programs for weekly produce pick-ups to operate in the gardens, according to the New York City Community Garden Coalition.

“This is not something that we’re just saying just to be saying and just to be difficult,” said Raymond Figueroa-Reyes, the president of the NYC Community Garden Coalition and member at the Brook Park Youth Farm Community Garden in the Bronx. “Community residents have been stewarding these places for decades.”

“If the city just left us alone, the community development potential of community gardens is unlimited,” he said.

Figueroa-Reyes and Krezell say the burden from the new rules would allow the city to more readily revoke licenses from the garden to allow the city to use the property for other purposes.

“The community does feel threatened overall as a result of that, in terms of what we are being set up for,” said Figueroa-Reyes.

Some 180 gardens have already signed the agreements out of 353 gardens expected to sign, according to Parks.

Many are refusing to sign the license. The deadline to sign it is Monday, Aug. 19, and the Parks Department has told groups they won’t be permitted to continue operate without it, according to emails from the department to garden reps provided to Patch.

Gardens citywide — from the Lower East Side to Brownsville, Brooklyn to the South Bronx — will rally Monday, at 10 a.m., on the steps of City Hall.