LUNGS FEST schedule Sunday 10/3/2021

Sunday 10/3

14th Annual Art and Music Festival at the ~ Sam & Sadie Koenig Garden

3:30pm ~ Music starts at 4pm

ART , Andre Lucien ~ painting, Anne Edris ~ painting and sculpture, Kathy Creutzburg ~ sculpture, Alicja Sobieraj-Litwinski ~ drawings and paintings.

MUSIC with jazz stylist Carla Savoy & her trio with special guests, Dan Rosengard ~ Keys, Paul Shapiro ~ Tenor and Flute, Tony Lewis ~ Drums

Guest singers ~ Matthew Sarles & Michael Austin, celebrating the lyrics and music of Alan and Marilyn Bergman, and Anthony Newley

Green Oasis, 8th St (Aves C & D)

5 pm Theater with Bina Shariff’s ,“Life is a One Act Play “

Children’s Magical Garden, St

Free JAZZ Presented by Arts for Art, Arts for Art is dedicated to the exceptional creativity that originated in the African American multi-arts jazz culture that utilizes improvisation to express a larger, more positive dream of inclusion and freedom.

1:30 Ishito/Carter/Nebula , Ayumi Ishito – tenor saxophone/fx / Nebula – theremin /Daniel Carter – reeds, flute, trp

2:30     Patrick Holmes Trio, Patrick Holmes – clarinet / Jesse Dulman – tuba / Ryan Sawyer – drums      

3:30     NoLand – Poet / Luke Stewart – bass 

4:00     Sound & Cry, Patricia Nicholson – text, dance / Jean Carla Rodea – vocals / William Parker – gimbre    

El Jardin de Paraiso, 4th St & 5th St (Aves C & D)

3pm Vít Hořejš’s Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre, presents Czech and Slovak Tales with Strings

Beginning On the corner of 10th St and Ave B and ending at 6th St and Ave B

5pm- Procession with Batala and Earth Celebrations

Batalá New York is a part of a global arts project made up of over 30 bands around the world. The music of Batalá originates in Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia, in northeastern Brazil.

VOLUNTEER & SIGN-UP to wear a specular Climate Solution Costume:

6th&B Garden Ave B (6th St)

6pm Cubracabras

A seven-piece band of brothers, Chupacabras peppers Afro-Cuban beats with jazz, rock and a captivating stage presence, inspiring audiences to move, love and live like never before.

Schedule LUNGS X Saturday 10/2/2021

This Schedule is subject to change!

Orchard Alley Community Garden 350 E 4th (C&D)

9 am Yoga Classes – 45 minute hatha flow!By Alex Royals of YesYeahYoga! Bring your own mat!

CLINTON St Garden, Clinton and Stanton Sts.

2pm-5pm LUNGS Amazing Domino Tournament, Free and Open to All, Prizes and Fun



De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center 8th St (Aves B & C)

3pm Vít Hořejš’s Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre, presents Czech and Slovak Tales with Strings, accompanied by Shoko Nagai on accordion and Satoshi Takeishi percussion

Children’s Magical Garden, Stanton St & Norfolk St

Free JAZZ Presented by Arts for Art, Arts for Art is dedicated to the exceptional creativity that originated in the African American multi-arts jazz culture that utilizes improvisation to express a larger, more positive dream of inclusion and freedom.

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1:30     Behroozi /Cooper-Moore/Mela, Daro Behroozi  – reeds/ Cooper-Moore – diddley-bow,mouth-bow/ Francisco Mela – drums

2:30     Michael Wimberly Trio , Waldron Madhi Ricks – trumpet / Adam Lane – bass / Michael Wimberly – drums

3:30     Yuko Otomo – Poet

4:00     Steve Swell Kende Dreams, Steve Swell – trb / Rob Brown – alto / William Parker – bass / TA Thompson – drums

11St Community Garden, First Ave & Ave A

Noon to 6pm Gina Healy Band and friends

Green Oasis, 8th St (Aves C & D)

3pm Joan Reinmuth’s Satire workshop, 2nd PART PERFORMANCE


Sylvain Leroux is, without a shadow of a doubt, a major musician. He is also an activist who is deeply committed to preserving the music of the people of the West African country of Guinea. In doing just so, Mr Leroux has also helped preserve and grow an important aspect of the Guinean music tradition as well as the little-known musical instrument of the Guinean “Fula” people – the tambin (or “fula” flute)

5pm- DASO – Afro-Caribbean Soul

DASO El AfroCaribeño calls his eclectic mix of styles “Afro-Caribbean Soul” fusing Salsa Tropical, Hip Hop and Reggae – which reference his early influences of Afro Caribbean Rhythms, like Bomba and Musica Jibara

6pm  Drag Show, Isaac Miss Isaac presents an hour of drag. In this set there will be live singing, live painting, and full on drag numbers! Exploring themes of harvest and feasting in connection to the garden, this show made of Broadway songs and pop music with performance art elements is sure to be one of a kind.

Campos Garden E.12th St C & D

7pm Afro-Cuban Jazz– Ray Santiago and friends


Friday’s LUNGS FEST Schedule 10/1/2021

Outside of Grace Exhibition Space: 182 Avenue C, Between 11/12th Sts.

2:00 pm Social  C Tawk with JC Augustin.Don’t dream it, BE it.” Live the talk show experience, live from Avenue C. JC channels Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas on Lois

4:30 pm – up to 6:30  Kids Make Bioremediating Reliefs with artist Jacobie Zeretsky. Use clay, sticks, earthen plasters, sand, seaweed, small shells, plant matter, probiotics, plant based pencils, paper, cardboard.  We reflect:  “Who you want to be in the place you want to see”. 

5:45 pm  Social: Protecting Wilderness: Ancient Forests and Our Future Breaths

7:00 pm  Social: “What’s your name?” with JK Canepa

Garden of Trinity Church, 602 E.9th St (B & C)

7pm Theater, October 1-4






Children’s Magical Garden, Stanton St (Norfolk St)

5pm Vít Hořejš‘s Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre, presents Czech and Slovak Tales with Strings





La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez (Ave C & 9th St)

5 pm Pinc Louds

The band that “saved summer” (ABC News, Gothamist , Ari Shaffir) was born in 2015 when lead singer, Claudi (all pronouns accepted), moved from Puerto Rico to NYC to fulfill her dream of playing in the subway. Pinc Louds quickly gained a following, including Paul Banks (of the band Interpol) who called one of her performances “Absolutely epic. This music turned my soul.”

Green Oasis, 8th St (Aves C & D)

5:30 Music Mbira NYC Nora Balaban

6:30 pm Matthieu Eveillard

7:30 pm Pete Margolis

8:30 pm Faith


Faith has formed a musical style, “Unlike virtually any other sound out there” (J. Lien – CMJ). “If Nina Simone had a power trio with a rock/soul and reggae flair, it would sound something like this” (Doug DeFalco, Talent Buyer, Southpaw).   Felice Rosser “Sings in a voice both plangent and wailing” (New York Times).  With sweet and powerful guitars from Nao Hakamada and funky polyrhythms from drummer Paddy Boom (x-Scissor Sisters), Faith has developed an immensely colorful sound., “…tunes that are not rock, not funk, not r&b, so much as deeply soulful tone poems back by multiculti dream pop” (Village Voice).

Campos Garden, 12th St (Aves B & C)

6:30 OPERA: Dell’Arte Opera Ensemble presents The Great Aria Throwdown






Carmen’s Garden, 117 Ave C, 7th & 8th Sts

6pm Jim Flynn on the Irish Harp

Thursday 9/30/2021 LUNGS X Fest schedule

4:30 pm Kids & Family  Socially distant Tango Tangles class. Dance tango connected via a rope, host DD Maucher. 

De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center, 8th St (Aves B &






 6pm Standup Comedy: Joan Reinmuth and Nature Boi Comedy

Green Oasis, 8th St (Aves C & D)

6:30p Music. Family PLAN: Immaculately conceived in 2018 in Brooklyn, Family Plan is an aesthetically diverse three-person extraction. The contemporary jazz trio consists of the Canadian pianist Andrew Boudreau and two Chileans, Vicente Hansen and Simón Willson, on drums and bass, respectively. Family Plan has performed at venues such as Scholes Street Studio (NYC), Dièse Onze (Montreal), and the LilyPad (Cambridge), among others. Descendants in equal parts to the sensibilities of high- and low-brow music, Family Plan is performing this concert to celebrate the release of its eponymously-titled debut album comprised entirely of original compositions on Endectomorph

Festival Schedule for Wednesday 9/29/2021

Outside of Grace Exhibition Space: 182 Avenue C, Between 11/12th streets

4:30 pm  Kids: Run the Obstacle Course Challenge: painted decorated boxes become an obstacle for a children’s race course. Lead by runner & passionate health advocate Harry B. Lichtenstein.  

6:00pm Wellness: Herbal Class with Noreen Kelly, ND Free Medicinal Herbal Class.  We will learn how to identify medicinally viable plants, determine what is a “weed”, examine the traditional uses of these plants, look at some of the current science, and then make a tea.  All are welcome.

:30pm Social Protecting Wilderness: Ancient Forests and Our Future Breaths Learn about an ancient wild forest in the Yaak Valley, Montana – “the lungs of this continent” – that is under threat of being cut and sold for profit. – Write your own imaginings of what the forest has to teach us in our current age of fires – Create a silk wildflower that is native to the Yaak Valley that will be part of the body and organs of a 10-foot puppet installed in this forest.  – Integrate embodied artistic practice, political advocacy and community action.

Also Friday, Oct 1 at 182 Ave C & Saturday, Oct 2 at El Jardin Del Paraiso at 4th /5th between C&D

De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center, 8th St (Aves B & C)

6:30 pm PERFORMANCE: Tim Cusack’s “I Ping the Body Electric” reimagines Walt Whitman’s iconic ode to the human anatomy from the perspective of a 50-something, HIV-positive gay man. This solo dance-theatre piece, co-created with director Patrice Miller, foregrounds Cusack’s queer, aging, “diseased” bodily presence as the focus of the performance, in the process disrupting and challenging normative valuations concerning “masculinity,” “youth,” and “health.” 

La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez (Ave C & 9th St)

FILMS 6pmGARBAGIA” RT: 10 minutes, Or how the trash was one.

6:30 pm Film: Demeter’s Daughter, Site Work version (1997) With intro by Tamar Rogoff RT: 58 minutes

9C Garden, corner of Avenue C & 9th St)

The 10th Annual LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival 2021

Beginning Friday, September 24 to Sunday, October 3 join us for ten days of celebrations, art, music, poetry, puppets, workshops, theater, performances and fun.

2021 – The X Year!

Our tenth anniversary festival featured a wide variety of events for 10 days in more than 30 community gardens. As always, the Harvest Arts Festival reflects the variety, individuality and independence of each community garden, with a focus on showcasing local artists and performers, including:

  • Pinc Louds 
  • Dell’Arte Opera Ensemble – The Great Aria Throwdown 
  • Mystical Garden Treasure Hunt
  • Jack Hardy Songwriter’s Exchange
  • Midnight Radio Show – Original Sci-Fi Fairytales and Puppet Shadow Theatre
  • Vit Horejs’s Czecholslovak-American Marionette Theatre
  • Isaac Miss Isaac
  • Therese Byrnes – Painter, Performance Artist, Writer, Activist
  • Baby Soda Jazz Band
  • Los Fascinates – Old School Salsa
  • Fiddler and the Crossroads – Irish/Cajun/Bluegrass Band
  • Elliott Sharpe
  • Tim Cusack’s “I Ping the Body Electric”
  • Green Map’s Walking Tours
  • Matthieu Eveillard 
  • Pete Margolis
  • Faith NYC – Felice Rosser, Nao Hakamada, Fin Hunt 
  • Mudball
  • Ray Santiago & Friends – Afro-Cuban Jazz
  • Chupacabras 

Detailed Schedule:

“Art around the Hood” Saturday, June 5


LUNGS (Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens) is inviting all artists to paint your masterpiece in public on the fences of community gardens in the East village and Lower East Side.

Join us in “Art Around the Hood,” Saturday, June 5, Noon to 5pm.

as part of GreenThumb’s Open Gardens Day. We supply the canvas, you supply the paint and the talent. Make your statement, show your true colors  Sign up at

20 Community Gardens are participating in Art around the Hood

LaGuardia Corner Gardens, 511 LaGuardia Place, Houston & Bleecker Sts

Petit Versailles, 247 E. 2nd St, B & C

Peachtree Garden, 221 E. 2rd St, B & C

Jardin Los Amigos, 221 E. 3rd St, B & C

Parque de Tranquilidad, 314 E. 4th St, C & D

El Jardin del Paraiso, 305 E.4th ST, C & D

6 & B Garden, 84 Ave B, 5th & 6th Sts.

6BC Botanical Garden, 624 E.6th St, B & C

Carmens’ Garden, 17 Ave C, 7th & 8th Sts

DeColores, 313 E. 8th St, B & C

Firemen’s, 360 E 8th St, C & D

Green Oasis, 370 E.8th ST, C & D

LaPlaza Cultural, 674 E.9th ST, corner of C

9C Garden, 144 Ave C, corner of 9th St

11BC Serenity Garden, 626 E.11TH ST, B &C

East Side Outside, 415 E 11th St, 1st & A

El Sol Brillante, 522–528 E 12th St, A & B

Campos Garden, 644 E.12th ST, B & C

Vamos Sembrar, 197 Avenue B St, 12th & 13th Sts

Dias y Flores, 520 E. 13th St, A & B

There more events in various community gardens throughout the day, stay tuned to stay up to date.