2021 May Day Spring Awakening

Spring is a comin’ in and we are WOKE!!!
Saturday, MAY 1 we are having out LUNGS 8th annual Spring Awakening. Starting with a garden walk-about and winding up on Ave B between 8-9th Sts.

May 1–the parade will begin at noon at El Sol Brillante E.12th St btwn A & B meander down Ave C cross 6th St and end up on Ave B.

Spring Awakening will feature a photo scavenger-treasure hunt, prizes, music, puppets, workshops, comedy and art.

There events in various community gardens throughout the day

In DeColores Community Garden, 311 E.8th St between Aves B & C

For the Kids:

Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre offers two performances 1:30pm & at 4pm.

The Groove Garden, community music studio hosts a students recital 2-3:30 pm,

For you older Kids: VC and friends, homegrown garden music 4:30-5:30 pm.

An outdoor standup comedy event 6-730pm, ha ha

Firemen’s Memorial Garden, 360 E.8th St, btwn Aves C & D

Art show in the garden by Francine Demeulenaere

LaPlaza Cultural 9th St & Ave C
“The 10 minute Opera” performance in La Plaza tomorrow, between 2-4pm, a live, looping, operatic la-la-la, & Art as you like it.

El Jardin del Paraiso, E4th St between C & D

Poetry 3 -5 PM Event by Benjamin Heim Shepard Mayday is for poems… a rebirth of wonder, stories, heartbreak, hope, chaos, yearnings, liminal times in between this, season and something else, this life and the next. With the death of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the opening of Spring, let us usher in the gods of words and anarchy, reimagining poetry as insurgent art. Bring a poem of your own or a friend, maybe a snack, a flower or an a hope for something abundant this spring. We’ll be by the old treehouse, reading and lounging about. Join us. xo Join us for a public space party on mayday and every day.”.


Where: Community Gardens, East Village, Manhattan

Meeting Point: Ave B between 8th and 9th Streets 

When: Saturday May 1st, 2021 from 1-5pm 

We will offering garden tours in conjunction with photo-inspired scavenger/treasure hunt of 16 sweet gardens–

Explore the magic of the Community Gardens of the Lower East Side! Each garden has a unique character and is full of peculiar little treasures… we have chosen one from each garden for you to discover!


  • Follow the clues for each garden posted below. 
  • Take a photo of each object in the garden that you find.
  • Meet us at the Scavenger Hunt table on Ave B between 8th and 9th Sts. when you’ve found and taken photos of all the objects from the clues. 
  • First person or group to find all the objects wins a Grand Prize! The next 10 people also win prizes. 

You can go to the gardens on your own, or on guided tours that will be offered for each section. Follow us on instagram @lungsnyc and post your photos using the hashtag #lungsscavengerhunt

Happy Hunting!



Peach Tree Garden (2nd St. btwn Ave B & C) “The three little _____”

Miracle Garden (3rd St. & Ave B) “Here we sing songs and we bathe”

6BC Botanical Garden (6th St. btwn Ave B & C) “We’re orange and we live in water”

6 & B Garden (6th St. & Ave B) “I’m painted green and kids can climb on me”

El Jardin del Paraiso (5th St. btwn Ave C & D) “I’m a porcelain princess with a puppy”

Orchard Alley (4th St. & Ave D) “Green and purple, tools are kept inside of me”


De Colores Garden (8th St. btwn Ave B & C) “You would find me in a carousel” 

Firemen’s Garden (8th St. btwn Ave C & D) “O say can you see”

Green Oasis Garden (8th St. btwn Ave C & D) “This is where honey is made”

Carmen Pabon Jardin (Ave C btwn 7th & 8th St.) “I was made in 1984”

La Plaza Cultural (Ave C & 9th St.) “I’ll tell you which way the wind is blowing and wake you in the morning”

9th Street Community Garden (9th St. & Ave C) “Hail _____, Full of Grace”


Eastside Outside (11th St. btwn Ave A & B) “A big yellow flower painted on wood”

Campos Community Garden (12th St. & Ave C) “A pair of pink tropical birds”

El Sol Brillante (12th St. btwn Ave A & B) “Find me in a pot with a pointy red hat”

11BC Serenity Garden (11th St. btwn Ave B & C) “A tropical dancer”