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LUNGS Membership for Community Gardens in the Lower East Side

For community gardens within the neighborhoods of LUNGS (Lower East Side and East Village of Manhattan):

Annual dues: $10/year per community garden — (when paying, please note the community garden that the dues are being paid for, if it’s not directly from the garden’s account).
To donate (separate or in addition to the annual dues), see Donate.
Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, incorporated in the State of New York in 2017. The annual dues and donations to LUNGS are fully tax deductible under the law. No goods or services will be exchanged for your contribution.

Become a member of LUNGS:

  1. Help support a community of gardens, the Community Gardens District.
  2. Help LUNGS’ efforts in assisting these individual gardens, run by volunteer stewards of these green spaces, from joint programming of events to garden projects and acquiring/sharing of resources.
  3. Help LUNGS continue with community-wide annual events (including Spring Awakening and the Harvest Arts Festival) that gets people in the community involved with and aware of the community gardens in their neighborhoods.
  4. Community gardens that are members of LUNGS (basically, paid up annual dues) can have one of their garden members be eligible to be on the board of LUNGS (voting occurs in the spring).

See also About LUNGS for further details, including a list of LUNGS board members.

The community gardens listed in the Gardens List include gardens located in the Lower East Side and East Village regardless of whether they are a LUNGS member or not.